Watching Andy Murray live in Farmers Classic 2010

THIS IS MY SECOND TIME WITHIN A YEAR TO WATCH AN INTERNATIONAL LAWN TENNIS TOURNAMENT. The first one was in June at Wimbledon (UK) prior to my departure to US where I explored the tennis ground for the whole day – watching some of the promising players in the sport of tennis. It was a lucky day for me when a close friend of mine based in Los Angeles got extra free tickets for the show, including the semi-finals for singles and doubles. Unexpected, I watched Andy Murray for his debut performance in the tournament as an alternate player for the last minute pull-out of another favourite Serbian player, Novak Djokovic (currently as second for singles ranking).

The tournament started in 1927 and it is now the longest-running annual professional sporting event in LA (California) employing 25,000 people with 15,000 agents across the country. For 2010 event, it was held in UCLA campus from July 26-August 1 prior to the US Open tournament in New York. The ticket cost ranges from $20 to $60 with special group package discounts for the whole duration of the tournament. Sam Querrey (US) and the twin brothers Bryan (US) successfully defended their titles for both singles and doubles, respectively.

Past tournament champions include the following: (Singles) 2009 – Sam Querrey (Doubles) 2009 – Bryan & Bryan; (Singles) 2008 – Juan Martin Del Porto (Doubles) 2008 – Bopanna & Butorac; (Singles) 2007 – Radek Stepanek (Doubles) 2007 – Bryan & Bryan; (Singles) 2006 – Tommy Haas (Doubles) 2006 – Bryan & Bryan; and (Singles) 2005 – Andre Agassi (Doubls) 2005 – Erlich & Ram.

This is my first time to watch Any Murray, British number 1 tennis player live inside the court. It was a memorable event for Murray to participate in the Farmers Classic for the first time in preparation for the US Open 2010 in New York. He advanced to the final round after winning against the Spanish player, Feliciano Lopez. Unfortunately, he did not able to get the grand prize after losing against the defending US champion, Sam Querey. I was fortunate to have a free ticket (courtesy of my friend who happened to be a volunteer of this annual event) to watch the Semifinal round, including the doubles matches when the twin brothers, Mike and Bob Bryans succeeded to the finals. They won again for their 62nd title. This yearly tournament is being held in UCLA, Los Angeles, USA.

For additional information regarding the Farmers Classic Tournament, visit the official website, CLICK HERE.  For more images taken during the games thru my Facebook account, CLICK HERE.

~ by reymos on August 15, 2010.

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