ASAP (Amazing Stories About Pinoy) 401: Manny Pacquiao – the 21st Century Fighter

NOVEMBER 13, 2010 will be another milestone for our very own Filipino boxer to fight against the Mexican boxer, Antonio Margarito. For the past few days, Manny is visible again in the US media circle, from TV to prints. He guested in the Jimmy Kimmel Live and featured in the 60 Minutes show. Filipinos adore him and this forthcoming fight will test his talent inside the ring and hopefully proves again that he is the best-ever boxer of all times, after the legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali.

Aside from TV appearances, he endorsed US Senator Larry Reid’s re-election campaign. Without any doubt, Manny’s support gave Reid another term to serve his constituents in Las Vegas where thousands of Filipinos are working/residing. Manny is also the current cover of American Airline inflight magazine, American Way and also featured in Yahoo Sport online news.

Win or loss, Manny will always be the 21st century fighter for people who believed on his punches and his undying dedication to serve the poor in his hometown back in the Philippines. It is not impossible that because of charisma, he could be another strong contender for running a Philippine presidential election in the years to come! Good luck Manny! Mabuhay ang Pinoy…mabuhay ang bayang Pilipinas!

UPDATES:  Manny succeeded to win against Margarito in a 12-round fight last Saturday (November 13) at Cowboy’s Stadium, Texas. With his fast-pace punches, Margarito suffered from swelling purple face and a knife-cut injury at the right cheek.  More than 41,000 people witnessed this event, not to mention those who watched it thru HBO Pay Review channel worldwide. Manny is also expected to received more $25 million dollars lump-sum money.

I can’t believe that I beat someone this big and this strong. It’s hard. I really do my best to win the fight – Manny Pacquiao

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~ by reymos on November 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “ASAP (Amazing Stories About Pinoy) 401: Manny Pacquiao – the 21st Century Fighter”

  1. Hi reymos thanks for visiting and leaving comment on my site, wow nice blog here, I like all the pics, would love to read your sunday stealing too. happy blogging! I also click ur social vibe.

    • Thanks for dropping by! Yeah expect my SundayStealing reply on the 12 Dec 2010 which is the original date for posting of Baker’s Meme… All the best!

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