Sojourn in Europe: Inside Louvre Museum

I TOOK HUNDREDS OF IMAGES during my visit to Louvre Museum in September 2008. Six hours inside the museum could be my longest exploration in a public building but it was a rewarding experience. The museum has collected 35,000 of artworks from prominent men and women who did major contributions in shaping our society today.

It was a breathtaking journey inside this magnificent building that provided me the experience of a lifetime to see the diverse talents of style, creativity and ingenuity which showcase the different facets of our culture, spirituality, religion, beliefs, sexuality and lifestyle.

Surprisingly, I was disappointed to meet Mona Lisa in person! Despite her popularity and numerous publicities, I could not control myself to feel sad because I did not see what I was expecting about her enigmatic smile. If I’m one of those portraits (get alive) in the gallery where she is displayed, I will organize a barricade preventing people to view her! It is not worth to spend too much time with her…Believe me, there are other things inside the museum that are more fascinating than her. Unfortunately, I could not even get a good angle of Mona Lisa because of too much people staring at her and the presence of the guards who constantly monitoring our movement not to cross the rope surrounding her portrait.

IT WAS INDEED a wonderful time to explore thousands of these artworks that provided me a glimpse of the past civilization. Louvre Museum is a place in Paris, France not to be missed while visiting Europe.

UPDATES: As of this posting today, another SECRET revealed about Da Vinci’s painting. Art experts have uncovered the real code at the eyes of Mona Lisa – tiny letters and symbols both left and right eyes. Unfortunately, I could not find these markings today while looking vividly at the huge replica of the portrait inside a book, entitled Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) The Complete paintings and drawings available at the University of Ulster’s library. With my curiosity, I might bring a magnifying lens when I visit the library again to validate this discovery!

NOTE: A photo presentation is featured  via Inside Louvre… Exploring The Treasures of Louvre Museum Slideshow. More of my travel journals, please visit My eTravelDiary website. Enjoy your travelling too!


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    I can’t wait to go to London. I have lots of family there lol…oh well.

    Thank for your comment on my post. You have an amazing blog!

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