I hate Christmas… in a nice way

I DONT KNOW BUT MAYBE ONE OR TWO or even more out there who feels the same way as I do … I hate Christmas in a good way. Don’t judge me as an anti-Christ or kill-joy fellow, believe me I am only honest to express my feeling about this much-awaited annual celebration. Before you totally disregard this post, just give me a few minutes to explain why I do not like Christmas at all and maybe at the end I could get your little sympathy or  you may even totally agree with me.

It is not really a big issue for me to celebrate Xmas but sometimes I want to ignore it to pass by without having a fuss. I fully understand that for Christians it is indeed a celebration of the Savior’s birth and to redeem the sins of the world. No doubt about it… and I love that historical significance of the season!

First of all, I hate Christmas because I have to shop until I drop! Not only buying Xmas gifts for loved ones, but for myself! I hate to queue – carrying those things for people I care and for those who became part of my life. Few weeks before Xmas until the first week of January, I am excited to visit the malls or shops just to find bargain (sale) items. Boxing Day (UK) and New Year’s Day are much-awaited days of my life because these two days that bring everything inside the stores drop down with red tags! I love to wrap these gifts but it is mind-blowing when you realized that you forgot a gift for someone. Christmas is giving… I absolutely agree for that and I am very generous person but please give me a minute, not in Christmas day! If you don’t receive a presence from me this Xmas season, expect that you have to wait for another 12 months!

Secondly, Christmas reminds me of my family and friends back in the Philippines. I hate to think that I celebrate Christmas for almost 5 years now without my family members. Well, I have close friends where I am living now, but it is still different feeling to be with loved ones! Being with our families and friends from work or even those people we called them “barkadas” is priceless and nothing could replace that moment with them. I really hate this, I could not even attend the midnight mass or we called it “simbang gabi” because it is too cold to wake up early in the morning despite of thick clothes/accessories from head to toe.

Thirdly, why on Xmas season, why not every day? I am referring to our Filipino native dishes and delicacies – “biko”, “sapin-sapin”, bibingka, “puto bumbong”, “suman”, and “ginataan”! Because of Xmas, I am not only craving but “grieving” for not eaten these food for years now! Why? Can I order them online? I hate to say this, but the reason why I attend Xmas parties is to look for these dishes! I remember when I was in high school or even in primary years, everyone in the class has to bring something that will be part of “ginataan” – from ripe bananas to coconut milk, and sticky rice to sweet potatoes (kamote) or cassava (kamoteng kahoy).  We also required to bring the main ingredients for fruit salad or buko (young coconut) salad. Of course, we have to prepare/cook these foods and shared them with every classmate!

Fourthly, I really hate Xmas because it reminds me again of the caroling… people going to houses to sing Xmas carols. Why there is no caroling in the place where I live now? Why? Again, I remembered that I joined the church choirs back in Thailand and we did this caroling for a week to generate funds for the church or for any project in slum/squatter areas. “Holy night…the stars are brightly shining…” Santa, please bring me home..!

FINALLY, there are so many reasons why I hate Xmas and this page is not enough to mention them! One thing more, because of the modern technology in communication, instead of sending hard copies of greeting cards by post, we can readily send e-cards or just send emails or post a message on our Facebook walls… Merry Xmas everyone! Free of charge – if you have an internet/wireless connection. This is the reality… I am not excited to celebrate Xmas nowadays because I could not even do my personalized cards anymore! I am so dependent with online or wireless communication!

WHAT DO YOU THINK, did I convince you why I hate Christmas? Anyway, either your answer is Yes or No, I just want to say – from the bottom of my heart – Thank you for reading this… Have a wonderful Christmas and a blissful new year! May God Bless us all and may the spirit of giving, peace and love always in our hearts… Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat at manigong bagon taon!

~ by reymos on December 23, 2010.

4 Responses to “I hate Christmas… in a nice way”

  1. Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong taon sa iyp bro. Wish you a very prosperous and productive 2011 !

  2. hehe.. same here. I hate the mad rush at the stores and the “midnight shopping” where some stores are open until morning days before Xmas day. We have come to a point where we have “Disneyfied” Christmas.

    But I think the reason why you hate it is more of you miss your family in Pinas 🙂

    ( BTW I inadvertently posted this in your other post )

    • Happy new year… Hope you had a wonderful holiday celebration with your friends and family. I love shopping but not the following a long line.

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