The DigitalEnvironmentalist receives a blog award

THE DIGITALENVIRONMENTALIST is another blogsite dedicated to my academic and professional world. Few days ago, I received an email informing me that this blog is being recognised as one of the sites to be featured in an “online healthcare” web portal. At first, I have this reservation to acknowledge and accept the recognition from ONLINE HEALTH CARE DEGREES considering that there are numerous spams circulating the cyberspace nowadays.  I verified it and the organizer promptly responded as the reply says:

 The Blogger team actually found your site. They’re a team of avid bloggers, who have wished to be named anonymous. Some of the attributes of the criteria were: content, affiliations (relevancy to the actual blog itself), posts (also pertaining to the relevancy of the subject of the blog), just to name a few.

The objective of the award is to not just recognize the great blogs that are out there, but also to create a community in which a blog can be used as a resource for others. We want anyone that desires the yearning to educate themselves in a specific area, to be able to know they can come to one place, and connect. The resources we’ve acknowledged and recognized, are blogs we think can educate and help someone learn more about that topic.

Aside from the educational aspect, we want those who blog about topics to connect, whether they already know each other or not. They’re may be just that one that we find to be a great blog, who doesn’t know anyone else that blogs about their topic. This is where we come in and hope that you could display the badge in order to show yourself as a proud part of our community. We want to connect the blogging community, to not only share ideas, but also find motivation, strength and encouragement in each other.”

The ONLINE HEALTHCARE DEGREES is a web portal for “unbiased, accurate and comprehensive information for students and even professionals exploring the possibility of a career in the field of healthcare”. It provides substantial information about health care schools, online academic programs, jobs and salaries, and other online resource information.

IN JUNE 2009, my blogsite also received a recognition as one of the top 50 environmental blogsites and top 30 civil engineering sites. The “Online Engineering Degree” site identified and selected blogs that have reference to engineering, particularly in environmental and civil engineering fields; also provides relevant information on engineering education and learning. The site provides relevant links to these blogs, including my blog, The DigitalEnvironmentalist as listed in top 6 and 14, environmental engineering and civil engineering, respectively.

INDEED, IT IS INSPIRING to receive these recognitions from unknown online organizations, acknowledging my efforts and dedication to continually share my interest in environmental protection, preservation and conservation.

~ by reymos on December 24, 2010.

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