BBC1 features Pa-aling divers in Palawan (Philippines)

THE BBC1 is a UK-based tv channel and few days ago, it premiered the newest documentary program entitled HUMAN PLANET. For the first series, Oceans – Into the Blue featured breathtaking footages of people that survive from the resources coming from the sea. From the awesome and unbelievable relationship between the fishermen and dolphins to catch mullet in Brazil to the traditional hunting and ingenuity of Indonesian fishermen enough to feed the village for months, indeed the program is a remarkable viewing experience. And of course, the highlight of the documentary is the deathly but astonishing catch dive 40 meters down the blue sea of Filipino fishermen to earn a living using a compressor to supply the air.

UNFORTUNATELY, this program is not accessible outside UK, thus it might be useful if you try to search it from the web to watch this outstanding production to remind us that water (the universal solvent), oceans in particular influence our of way life in the past and the present, consequently its impact to the future generation.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE, it was a mix of emotions watching my fellowmen (kababayan) in Palawan Island on how they demonstrated a deathly fishing technique. I am happy that BBC chose the Philippines to be part of the program, and this might bring positive effect to the Philippine tourism industry. On the other hand, I am bit sad that because of illegal fishing (using dynamite) in the past, including commercial fishing, majority of the small-scale fishing groups have driven to dive deeper to get more catch to earn a living. Despite the health-hazard of this technique, Filipino fishermen continue to practice it to survive! It is an eye opener or a reminder for us to help and support our government in protecting our water resources. We have to remember those people who sacrificed their lives – having the bravery to provide us decent and affordable supply of fish on our dining tables.

FACTS ABOUT THE OCEANS (Source: BBC website): (a) Oceans and seas account for over 70% of the world’s surface area (b) The oceans contain around 97% of all the water on Earth (c) The oceans support the life of nearly 50% of all species on Earth (d) Over one-third of the total human population, nearly 2.4 billion people, lives within 100 km (60 miles) of an oceanic coast, (e) One billion people rely on fish as an important source of protein. As many as 90% of all the ocean’s large fish may have been fished out (f) The oceans absorb 50% of the carbon dioxide humans release into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels for energy, as levels increase this leads to an increasing acidification of the oceans.

~ by reymos on January 15, 2011.

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  1. hello there. where are you here in UK? Thanks sa comments pare.

    • Hi Roy, thanks for replying. Well, Im temporarily travelling around Northern Ireland but I lived here for the past 4.5 years for my post grad studies.

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