Love: the gift of Jesus resurrection

ANOTHER DAY TO CELEBRATE! Again, a confirmation and reminder that Jesus cares for us  through His death on the cross. But it is not the end of the story, His undying love for us is the ultimate reason why He risen from the dead. Indeed, His resurrection is a significant event and part of our Christian faith. I am not a religious person but I believe His resurrection power rules every thing on Earth. This personal belief also influences my way of living and thinking!

Every challenge and trial that come along the way, we can hold on that LOVE.  Despite the uncertainties, this LOVE will always inspire us to move on with our lives no matter what the future holds. By Jesus’ LOVE and MERCY, it brings out the best of our talents and capabilities, brings HOPE during unexpected  moments, during those times that shaken or test our own FAITH and TRUST on Him. 

Joel and Victoria (Osteen) share their reassuring thoughts and prayers about Jesus’ life after death that everyone has a reason to rejoice for God is a living, loving and merciful Father – with His awesome resurrection power that He wanted to share it with us, every single moment of our life!  As quoted, Joel and Victoria say that…

Maybe you have a dream to get out of debt, pay off your house or be free from that burden of lack; but it looks like it’s impossible. Business is slow. The economy is down. You’ve gone as far as your education allows. But God is saying, “I’m not limited by those things. I’ve got resurrection power. I can give you one break that will thrust you to a new level. I can open up doors that no man can shut. I can bring talent out of you that you didn’t know you had. I can cause people, for no reason, to go out of their way to want to be good to you.” Your part is to keep believing today knowing that He wants to bring you into supernatural increase. Remember, He is risen, He is alive, and He is faithful to His Word. Trust Him today and let His resurrection power work in your life!”

Finally, I want to share Joel and Victoria prayer for today’s joyful celebration…

“Father God, thank You for Your resurrection power at work in my life. Today, I give You my broken dreams, disappointments, failures and setbacks and trust that You will breathe Your life into me. I trust that You have a good plan for my future and are leading me into total victory! In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

JESUS LOVE IS THE ONLY AND PRICELESS gift to humanity which does not expect any thing from us in return!

“…He is risen from the dead, just as he said would happen…” Matthew 28:6

~ by reymos on April 24, 2011.

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