Another victory for the Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao

07 MAY 2011 LAS VEGAS USA. After his fight against Margarito last year, Manny Pacquiao aka Pacman returned to the ring again to face the American boxer, Sugar Ray Mosley. The first press conference about the fight was held at Beverly Hills Hotel where my cousin and friends were personally invited (not by Pacman) but by Mosley. Well, one of my friend’s husband is a close friend of Mosley. PLEASE CLICK HERE for some photos during the presscon in February 2011.

ACTUALLY it was timely to watch the event after arriving from London on Saturday afternoon in Manila, almost 24 hours ahead before the fight. I was so tired from the long flight, but with my father’s persuasion, together with my uncle, we headed to Araneta Coliseum on Sunday early morning hour. We had the chance to watch some of the fights prior to the main event.

Manny’s victory is another reason for Filipinos to rejoice…It was not easy for Manny to win the fight, but personally Mosley was not the best opponent for Pacman which the latter was not really pushing himself to struck back and exchanged punches against the Filipino fighter. I felt that Mosley did not perform very well but on the other hand Manny did his best for his fans’ delight. Anyway, I did enjoy watching it with the rest of Pinoys inside the historic stadium where the legendary American boxer Mohammed Ali won his ever fight in Manila in the 70s. Amazingly, I learned that my father and uncle (my father’s brother) were first time to enter the stadium so it was a memorable moment for them!

I AM NOT A BOXING FANATIC, but with Pacman’s quest, I do my best to watch him and even buy some special editions of magazines that have write-ups about him. I even bought a t-shirt bearing his face while I was in Las Vegas last year and also watched the live telecast on TV against Margarito. With that, Im looking forward to seeing him again this later part of the year (November 2011) against Marquez.

Note: Amusingly, rumors are circulating in the media that Pacman is getting partnership business deals with Paris Hilton as well as an invitation to guest in the American tv series, GLEE! Im wondering what role he might get – a sports coordinator  or boxer recruiter or maybe a close relative to Charice aka Sunshine Corazon and hopefully a duet from them.  


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