Celebrating our Philippine national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal 150th Birthday

19 JUNE 2011, MANILA (PHILIPPINES). The 150th birthday anniversary of the Philippine national hero, Dr. Jose ‘Pepe’ Rizal is one of the busiest celebrations this year. The Philippine government has organised several programs and events nationwide to commemorate the life of Pepe – his contributions in gaining independence during the Spanish regime. Rizal also wrote two controversial and influential books, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo which brought awareness among Filipinos on the abusive control of the Spanish friars (priests).

One of the highlights of the celebration, the Department of Tourism together other Inter-Agency Working groups came up with a worldwide competition to rediscover and visit the sites and attractions that played major roles in the life of Rizal. LAKBAY JOSE RIZAL 150 aims to encourage the public (both local and international tourists) to visit various featured sites in the Philippines and secure a “stamp” as proof of the visit.

The first 100 pilgrims to complete visiting all the 27 identified sites will receive a token and certificate. This pre-determined certificates and tokens are valid from June 19 2011 to June 19, 2012. While the rubber stamp will be available in the sites even after the promotional period for tourists.  FOR DETAILS, CLICK HERE or the photo below.

Lolo Jose, ako na po ang hahawak ng bandila. Ako na rin po ang magpapatuloy ng inyong hadhikain sa ating bayang Pilipinas. Alam ko na dahil sa inyong pagmamahal sa bayan, hindi nyo po nasilayan ang tunay na kalayaan...

JUNE 19  IS ALSO A VERY SPECIAL DAY… it is FATHER’S DAY! To all the fathers around the world, including my humble and hardworking father, TATAY RUDY, enjoy your weekend with the family and friends.  To Tatay Rudy, thank you for being my father who really provided us,  his 10 children a good upbringing and able to get a higher education.

~ by reymos on June 19, 2011.

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