Batchmates 8182 Reunion… special moments with high school friends!

ITS BEEN SO MANY YEARS THAT I’VE NOT SEEN MY FORMER HIGH SCHOOL BATCHMATES FROM RNVS (Romblon National Vocation School) now known as Sibuyan Polytechnic College (SPC) in San Fernando, Sibuyan, Romblon. Until last weekend, I finally met them in Taguig, Manila. It was fun chatting with them, despite that at first I could not recognize some of them! It was a group joke that the reason I could not recognize them anymore because they had severe physical deformations. Honestly, if ever I will meet them prior to meet-up, surely I will not greet them! Some of them actually were my former elementary (primary) classmates and neighbours! The group stayed overnight at our friend’s house and some did not sleep – just chatting and drinking! Unfortunately, my resistance to stay awake was very low, so I sneaked from the group and finally laid down in a thin mattress prepared by our host.

It was a wonderful moment with people who were used to be my highschool friends and now every one has their own families and busy to earn a living in Metro Manila. The host, Mafe B. is generous enough to offer her house as our venue for the group meet-up and she organized it while taking a holiday from her work in Indonesia. While writing this journal, she already returned to Indonesia and continue to inspire young minds.

TO ALL MY BATCHMATES, thank you for the friendship and kindness… thank you for keeping in touch and being reconnected again! Im sure, everyone is looking forward to meet again in December!


~ by reymos on July 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “Batchmates 8182 Reunion… special moments with high school friends!”

  1. Very nice journal! Thanks Dr Rey! Our high school batch is so happy to meet you after 28 years..well now, this wont be the last..Were very proud of you Dr Rey! May God bless you more!

    • Hi Letty, thanks for the comments…Indeed it was a wonderful time meeting with our high school friends. Hope we could organize again and catch-up with the rest of the batchmates.

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