Surprise!…surprise… my British graduation ceremony!

Graduation is an important occasion – it is the culmination of all your hard work during your time at the University of Ulster. It marks the point at which you leave us to make your way in the world. Graduation is a proud day for you, your family and your friends. It is a chance to celebrate all that you have achieved throughout your university career and to look back at the years you have spent with us and above all we’re keen to make your day a special one. We’d like to congratulate everyone who is graduating at this summer’s ceremonies. We hope you enjoy your graduation day and that you have many happy memories of your time here. Congratulations! (full text was taken from the University of Ulster website). For the graduation souvenir program, click  HERE. Click HERE for the Belfast Telegraph Special Edition issue which graduands are published.

Unfortunately, I did not able to wear my red toga and march to get my much-awaited certificate of graduation. Nevertheless, I am happy that my hardwork and patience paved the way to attain the highest educational degree! Thank God and to all the members of my family and friends who one way or another, helped, supported and comforted me during the toughest and challenging part of my postgraduate program at the University of Ulster (Northern Ireland, UK)… Sa inyong lahat… maraming salamat at para sa inyo ang aking tagumpay!”

About My PhD Thesis: Mixed-use development is not a new phenomenon in urban planning and real estate management. This development is currently promoted to revitalise inner towns and cities particularly utilising unproductive urban spaces being referred to as ‘brownfield’ and ‘greyfield’ (underutilised) land for social, economic and environmental benefits. Mixed-use development is also challenging various players (planners, policy makers, investors and developers) in terms of the diverse of uses, density of the scheme, inclusion of high quality urban form and design, and the delivery of optimum utilisation of the development scheme in terms of highest and best use.

This research explores the underlying factors in the promotion of mixed-use schemes (MUS) in response to the emerging challenges of urban regeneration agenda towards achieving sustainable communities. The study presents the findings from the case studies carried out in the UK and the Republic of Ireland using a set of variables identified from the literature towards establishing success indicators that have a strong contribution to the overall occupancy level of MUS against single-use or mono-use developments in the revitalisation of urban centres. Finally, the application of Multiple Regression Modelling proves that the component mix (number of uses), the balance of uses (space allocations), site condition and integration with the neighbouring uses which are essential elements in accomplishing the maximum potential for viability and success of mixed-use developments.

Certainly, these findings offered invaluable inputs in carrying out further investigations of various mixed-use schemes to fully understand the determining qualitative and quantitative factors in the feasibility and performance for this type of development in regeneration areas.  The results from the MRA also present relevant judgments in assessing the optimal composition of the mix of uses which enhance the scheme promotion in regeneration areas which could leads to the potential optimising mixed-use and policy decision making. 

To date I am working now in Manila Philippines since June 27, 2011…So far so good…working with one of the fastest top growing environmental consulting companies in the world. I love my work very much to be an instrument in protecting, conserving and preserving our Mother Earth! Well, Im not a Global Warming and Climate Change advocate, BUT I do believe that we contributed to the degradation of our natural resources, AND I do believe that we can make a big difference in our own simple and little way!

~ by reymos on August 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Surprise!…surprise… my British graduation ceremony!”

  1. congratulations. I’m until bachelor degree only and sooooo tired/ lazy to take Masters and PHD. 🙂

    • Thanks alot. It is hardwork and perseverance to completely hurdle these postgraduate programs. It is also a major decision to pursue higher education… but it is worth a try!

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