God wants me to listen to Bo Sanchez’s preaching…

The Founder of the FeastGOD ALWAYS FIND WAYS TO TELL US SOMETHING TO REVIVE OUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY. I’m not a religious person but I do believe that HE existed to become part of our daily lives. It is a personal connection with HIM and everyone has his/her own way of maintaining this relationship alive and thriving.

Few weeks ago, my Aunt told me about this group, THE FEAST and she encouraged me attend a church service in Manila. She explained that she regularly attending in one of its services and tried to convince me to find out more about the group. I responded with less enthusiasm thinking that it will be another commitment and with my current workloads and tasks at the office, it seems that I dont have much time to involve myself.

GOD KNOWS that Im longing for a community where I could be of service to other people. He understands my spiritual longing and this is the right time to have more of fellowship considering that I already decided to settle permanently in the Philippines. He knows what my heart desires! This is the reason why He inspired a highschool batchmate to encourage me to join Bo Sanchez’s congregation. So a week ago, my batchmate sent me a message thru Facebook, inviting me to attend THE FEAST’s Sunday service at the PICC. Without a second thought, I said yes and I told her that hopefully I will be attending (together with my Aunt) in the following week (that was last Sunday, August 14).

Even we were late, the mass was still going on and Bo’s lecture followed next. Since it was full, we were advised to take the second level of the plenary hall and we finally found our seats and waited comfortably. But before we proceeded to the second floor, I bought the latest book of Bo entitled  “5 Things You Need to Do Before You Die” as a souvenir.

UNEXPECTEDLY, it was an uplifting lecture which Bo focused on the second topic of the series (The Real Score), ENVY. He focused on the roots of envy and how we can eliminate it in our lives! I will post a separate journal on this. After Bo’s preaching, new comers were asked to register and one of the church leaders spoke briefly about the group dedication and mission, including the 7 dreams (I claim in Jesus’ Name). What is THE FEAST? According to its website is a weekly worship celebration of the Light of Jesus Community with Mass, Worship and Talk and being conducted within Metro Manila and its provinces, including overseas. Overall, I was not disappointed on the sunday service and I think my presence could also inspire other people, including my family and friends!

~ by reymos on August 16, 2011.

4 Responses to “God wants me to listen to Bo Sanchez’s preaching…”

  1. My sister has a Bo Sanchez books and always listen to him in youtube. I’ll try to go with her If she gonna visit Bo Sanchez again.

  2. Hi Henry, thanks for the comment. Please attend again and hopefully we could meet at PICC. The Feast has a forthcoming event. KERYGMA CONFERENCE 2011 in Nov (18-20) at PICC. Early bird discounted rate is still available until end of the month of August.

  3. Hi Rey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It was great talking to you on Pinoy Radio UK! 😀


    • Hi Sam! Im honoured to know you and Im currently reading your book now. Im on page 199… still I dont know what will happen next between Shelley and Max, including Paolo!

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