2011 home base PEBA 2nd place winner is…

Second Blog Supporter Winner

My blog is chosen as the second best blog supporter in the recent PEBA awards ceremony held in Trinoma Mall (Quezon City, Philippines). My entry, I HAVE RETURNED… with new knowledge and expertise and with a renewed commitmentalso got the top spot for the best blog entry award for Metro Manila region.

It was frustrating that I did not make it in the event to receive the award. Due to my workload and traffic, I showed up in the venue three hours late!  I tried my best but when I arrived, the organizer was already dismantling the stage decoration and majority of the attendees were gone! Anyway, I was able to grab my trophy from the organizer and took a picture of myself holding this precious plastic trophy when I got home. It was funny because when I approached the organizer and introduced myself, they could not find my trophy! It took a while for them to search it from the rest of other trophies that were individually packed in a small paper box.

That’s it… I got the recognition as a blogger and now the challenge for me is to improve my blogsite and able to update it regularly. Only weekends I can really sit down and do the updating. It is a pity because I have so much to share about my new life in the Philippines and my professional work bit a hindrance. 

To all the readers out there, thank you so much for having time to browse my blogsite pages and the rest of my personal websites featuring my interest in travels, books, films and photography.

For additional information about the awards ceremony, CLICK HERE.

~ by reymos on December 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “2011 home base PEBA 2nd place winner is…”

  1. congratulations… well done ! Merry Christmas and all the best in 2012 🙂

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