Blog My Town 101: It’s more fun travelling in the Philippines

THIS IS A LATEST FEATURE series in my blogsite. It features my travels in the Philippines when I permanently settled in the country since May 2011.  These are events, people and places captured in the lens of my camera. 

Summer is approaching and it is interesting to share my recent visit in the southern part of Metro Manila. Discovering Calatagan (Batangas) is something not to be missed while visiting Manila. Spending few days in the coastal area of the province (not far away from Manila) could rejuvenate our mind and body – getting away from busy city life for a while! Having a weekend escapade is truly a bliss and a wonderful experience to explore one of Calatagan beach resorts – STILTS. Originally, the resort is not open to the public – which means that it is exclusive for members. With the present management, it is invitational and no “walk-in” guests. I really admire the way the place is operated and maintained… with the amenities and its natural landscape, definitely a place to be discovered and explored!

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~ by reymos on February 4, 2012.

10 Responses to “Blog My Town 101: It’s more fun travelling in the Philippines”

  1. It’s really fun traveling in the Philippines because there are a lots of beautiful places to spend your vacations.

  2. […] is a series post showcasing beautiful places in the Philippines… CLICK HERE. 54.597269 -5.930109 Like this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  3. I know this is not a reply, but I’m excited to find you. We are going to Manila next week, and my 14 year old daughter wants to go to Baler for 2 days. We have no clue how to get there. Can you give us any advise? Is there a car hire place to try or can we drive it alone. Please if you can help us find a great place close to Manila to take her to. She loves to snorkel, hike, waterfalls, climb around, check out cool scenery, see a mountain!

    • Hi Joan, nice that you were able to find my blogsite. Firstly, Im happy to know that you are going to the Philippines and visit Baler in particular. Baler is part of Aurora, Quezon and unfortunately, I havent been to this town. However, there are alot of information about the place available online which you could browse and for reference. Yes, I will try to find out what is the best way to reach the place, but there are buses from Manila going to Baler regularly. I will check it for you. Well, there are rental services available in Manila, however, it might be costly but of course it is convenient. There are places near Manila where you could explore – waterfalls and mountains for hiking. By the way, how many days you will be staying in Manila. Is the 2 days only intended for Baler? Baler is quite popular for surfing and maybe for snorkling too! I will send email privately. Thanks.

      • Hi, The places near Manila where the waterfalls and mountains sound interesting. Could you give me the name(s) of the areas? She would love that. We will be there from the 28th through April, but we already have plans the 29th and 30th. That would be great if you could come up with the name of the bus company or website, I would hate to get you stuck with all of the work! You are so kind to answer me. My daughter is getting excited! Thank you

  4. maganda talaga sa beach resort na ito….

    • Talaga! Unfortunately, our company outing did not push through last month but Im hoping that I could be able to stay here someday.

  5. Hi! This is Hazel. You took pictures of me and my friend’s back during the Surf and Music Fest in La Union. I’m just wondering if there’s a way for me to see the shots. I’m the one with the lower back tattoo that says “This Too Shall Pass” Here’s my email ad: Thanks

    • Hi Hazel, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, I haven’t uploaded the photos and posted in my blog. Promise, I will send some of them.

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