I love Filipino indie movies…Cinemalaya 2012

Ang Katiwala by Aloy Adlawan
Finalist, New Breed Full Length Feature Category

RUBEN loses his job as a carpenter in a small town in Zambales where he lives with his wife EDNA and their 10-year old son, BUDOY.  Desperate to make ends meet, he accepts a job as a caretaker of an abandoned property in Quezon City. Ruben soon finds out that the previous owner of the house is an important figure in the country’s history. When he is interviewed by a TV reporter about this historical figure, Ruben feels embarrassed that he knows nothing about him. Ruben soon starts reading up to get to know more about the life of this person, his accomplishments and what he has done for the people. Ruben’s fascination about the person’s life and his inevitable hero-worship irks the only friend he has in the sprawling compound, the night-shift security guard, GIMO, who jokes that Ruben is slowly being possessed by the soul of his new hero. (Extracted from Cinemalaya website)

(Note: Due to my hectic schedule, this was the only one (full length film) I watched during the filmfest, including the Shortfilm Group “A”.  I like the theme of the film – very refreshing idea! Unfortunately, the film did not able to grab an award but for me, it is recommended to watch it.  With the short films category, I did enjoy “Pasahero”… unpredictable, funny and indeed a showcase of Filipino culture! Additional information about this annual event, please CLICK HERE)

Pasahero by Mario Celada

You may look at it like:  “It is about a woman in a jeepney who keeps on babbling – sharing her ideals and personal issues – as if you are listening to a live commentary and an audio diary at the same time” OR “The passenger(s), the driver, the 10 Commandments, the window, the high tech lifestyle and the high tech love life, the rumors, the government, the reality TV shows, Death, the family…” (Extracted from Cinemalaya website)

~ by reymos on August 7, 2012.

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