Manila Bulletin’s Picture Perfect: Featuring my own photo

WaterlilyFor the second time around, my interest in travel photography is featured in Manila Bulletin’s Picture Perfect 18 June 2013 issue. Raffy Paredes chose one of my photos entitled, Waterlily and he wrote as quoted below:

“Photographer and travel blogger Reymos ( sent in the photo titled “Waterlily.” He writes: “This picture was taken inside the Grand Palace (Bangkok) in one of the flower pots inside the palace. Using the macro feature of my Sony Cybershot camera, I was able to capture the texture of the leaves and the flower itself.” Reymos was the first president of the 3Di Photo Club organized under the FPPF program last 2004. The club was featured in this column in 2007.”

My first travel post was published in August 2005 on the same Tuesday special section of MB, entitled – There’s a place like home down under. The article was my experiences travelling in key cities of Australia.

~ by reymos on June 18, 2013.

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