Lifelong learning experience at sea

SAS at 50

THIS IS PART OF MY DREAM…To learn while traveling inside a cruise ship.

Indeed, this will be a lifetime experience not to be missed. I am preparing for this that someday, I will visit places and at the same time learning new things together with other travelers.

For those people who are ready to embark on this rare journey, Semester at Sea (SAS) sponsored by the University of Virginia (USA) and the Institute for Shipboard Education thru the Lifelong Learning Program,  offer programs in celebrating its 50 years of providing “adult learning” opportunity to participate in undergraduate courses, attend excursions, become mentors to undergraduates or even conduct or offer seminars to students, including professionals, retirees and simply travelers. Fifty years ago, since its started the first voyage around the world and now touched the lives of more than 600,000 alumni worldwide.

If you are 40 years of age or above, who have the desire to learn and share with other students from around the world, then do not miss this rare opportunity to participate or even share this information to your friends and families. If you have already participated in the past, for sea alumni have the chance to share their memories, videos and photos that changed your life at sea in an interactive site.

Click the image above or CLICK HERE for more information and future programs of SAS.

Lifelong Experience at Sea

~ by reymos on August 8, 2013.

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