16th Cine Europa screens from 4 Sep to 27 Oct 2013 nationwide

Cine Europa 16

Cine Europa will showcase 21 European films from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. For schedules of the screening nationwide, click the image…

I watched two films on 9 Sept  from Bulgaria and Belgium. The Belgian film is about a young girl who feels that her parents ignored her or she does not exist at all.  As the story continues, her only thoughts are the main dialogues in the film. She runaway after spending a weekend in her parents’ vacation house in the countryside.  It was sad but at the end she realized that her parents care for her and the things she loved… the magic seeds!

The Bulgarian film is about family. hopes and dreams. No matter what happens in our lives either bad or good, we always look back to the people we loved and treasure the things we shared with them. There is no place like home especially where your heart really belongs!

Another three films added in the list of films I watched during the festival. It includes The Guide (Greece), A Royal Affair (Denmark) and Almanya (Germany). The Guide is a surprise because the title did not reveal the true essence of the story. It is about relationship, career and sexuality – finding ourselves in the society where we want to be part of it. Very entertaining! The Danish film is one of the best films which shows the human spirit of hope and perseverance…it was a tragic story but at the end it was rewarding despite what happened to the main characters…

Finally from Germany, it is a family-oriented film and so many things to be happy about the story…very heartwarming and uplifting, full of love and care, not only for the family but also looking back to the place you started dreaming for better life!

the guidefootsteps in the sandAlmanya-Willkommen in Deutschlanda pas de loup

~ by reymos on September 7, 2013.

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