Philippine National Film Festival – 11-17 Sept 2013 at SM Theaters


SM cinemas will be hosting this year’s Sineng Pambansa National Film Festival organized by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP).
The filmfest will run from 11-17 Sept featuring movies by most creative film directors like Mel Chionglo, Gil Portes, Peque Gallaga, Tikoy Aguiluz, Chito Rono, Jose Javier Reyes, Maryo delos Reyes, Lore Reyes, Romeo Zusara, Joel Lamangan and Celso Ad Castillo…

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Unfortunately,  LIHIS did not meet my expectation in terms of meaningful dialogues and portrayal of the characters. For instance, the last scene of the main male characters during the confrontation with the armed forces, the dialogues were not convincing… no connection with the scene – just a normal conversation! The director should make it more dramatic in the interaction of the main characters as they struggle to fight against the military men until their last breathe! This is not against Gloria Diaz, but she is not effective to take the role of the mother and being the key holder of the secret that her daughter wants to discover. Even her daughter (also in real life) has lacked of emotions (facial expression) as she continue to search for the truth. But on a positive note, Isabelle can act and hope she can get more offers in the future…

~ by reymos on September 7, 2013.

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