Top winners in CineFilipino 2013…

UPDATES (24/Sep/2013): Few minutes ago, I stepped out from the Gateway cinema with a big smile after watching Mes de Guzman’s masterpiece.  It is funny, no dull moments, full of emotions and contains important (relevant) things to think about after watching it.  It is about family, sexuality, relationship, beliefs, devotion, and friendship. Most importantly, it also tells us about taking judgments from other people especially from those we loved as the result of our big decisions in life – to stands strong for what we are fighting for.  

The main characters are superb, particularly, Angel Aquino, Teri Malvar and of course the two little friends of Anita! Angel is one of the actresses in the Philippine cinema that really brings the character she portrays alive, reliable and believable. I saw her  in several occasions, unfortunately, no chance to speak to her personally, but looking at her, she is beautiful inside-out…simple and down-to-earth!

These two films got the top award… The director of “Ang Kwento ni Mabuti”, Mes de Guzman grabbed the best directing and screenplay, while the 13-year old Teri Malvar in “Huling Chacha ni Anita” got the best actress award, including Angel Aquino received the best support actress award for the same film.

For the technical prizes, the film “Puti” received the best cinematography, production design, and sound. “Puti” is a must-see film of this festival. While writing this post, I have not watched “Huling Chacha ni Anita” yet, but so far “Puti” is different from the rest of the films I watched… On the other hand, “Bingoleras” is commendable for its theme about sexuality and forgiveness.


~ by reymos on September 23, 2013.

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