Philippine Cancer Society holds Best Dressed Women of the Philippines 2013 Annual Ball

Exemplary Men of the Philippines 2013

One of the highlights of the Best Dressed Women of the Philippines is the recipients of the Exemplary Men of Influence award in the country. For this year’s awardees, popular personalities include Bongbong Marcos and Manny Villar. Former Fidel V Ramos was also awarded last year.

Michelle Lim

She was a schoolmate and a former officemate at AECOM Philippines. She is one of the new practitioners in urban planning and development in the country, graduated at the University of Queensland (Australia) and also elected (same with me) President for the Philippine International Students Organization (PISO) at UQ.

Joyce Pilarsky - one of the best dressed women of the Philippines

A fashion designer and I know her thru a common friend in Facebook. She also won the Ms MWI International Ambassador People’s Choice 2013 held in New York.

About Michelle’s gowns and make-up: Best Dressed Walk Gown: Jun Escario; Red Carpet Gown: Cary Santiago; Make-up: Gio Lazaro Flores; and Hair: Cliff of Gio

~ by reymos on October 20, 2013.

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