7th Making Cities Liveable Conference 2014


A wide range of topics will be covered during the conference which include the following: Planning liveable cities and vibrant communities;  Managing population growth and an ageing population; Transport and logistics: public transport – road systems – cycling – walking; Resilient cities: future proofing our cities; Legislation and policies: what changes can we expect; Health promoting cities: ageing – children – safety – mental health; Sustainable cities: economic growth – policy to program; Impact of new technology: how will it continue to drive change; Regional and rural towns: the inter-connectivity between city and the bush; Future of work: dispersing jobs and the urban impacts; Food security – recycling – waste management; Managing natural resources  and renewable energy; and Climate change: responses and outcomes.  CLICK HERE or click the photo above ( or click the image below) for further information about the submission of abstracts and full papers. You can also communicate directly with the Conference Secretariat:

Association for Sustainability in Business Inc.
Phone: 07 5502 2068, Fax: 07 5527 3298, Email: conference@healthycities.com.au,
PO Box 29, Nerang, QLD 4211

Abstract Submission Schedule

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