Reaction 101: Typhoon Haiyan links to Climate Change

THIS IS A NEW SERIES in my blogsite. This is about current events, issues and concerns that I want to share  – and bringing my own views, my personal reflection or opinion. My thoughts might be the same with the minority or maybe contradicts the views of the majority. Again, I do not want to bring a debate here ( I do respect your point of view), but I want  to bring a different perspective of the issue being raised.  In so doing, it could ignite a positive outlook or might persuade other people to think and act differently for the betterment of the many.

THE SUPERTYPHOON YOLANDA (Haiyan) hit the Philippines few weeks ago that brought devastation in the central part of the country particularly the Visayas region. Luckily, my hometown in Romblon did not suffer much but I was also alerted during those times when the typhoon is smashing the archipelago, and did several calls to my parents just to make sure that they are safe!

The video clip below caught my attention considering that nowadays people strongly believe that typhoons are products of global warming and climate change. Yes, I do believe that our climate is changing as the years go by…I do not argue on that. Period. But please it is unfair to blame these calamities that we are experiencing right now is due mainly to man-made activities that trigger the earth to warm, consequently brings climate to change. Thus, this becomes a political agenda and some of our leaders use this agenda to gain power and financial gain!

There are more pressing human problems that need utmost attention… Eradication of poverty and malnutrition, provision of low-cost housing, access to free education and health care, eradication of graft and corruption, efficient waste collection and disposal,  and comprehensive/strategic land use planning are the most pressing concerns that developing countries like the Philippines should address…

I do acknowledge the changing of our climate… but please do not treat climate change as the culprit of our misery… Look around and you will find the answer…

~ by reymos on November 27, 2013.

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