Liveable Cities Conference 2015

Liveable Cities Conference 2015

The Making Cities Liveable Conference 2015 will be held in Melbourne (Australia) from the 6 – 7 July 2015. Topics will be covered as follows: Planning for liveable, active and healthy cities; Public health and planning collaboration: health strategies and wellbeing outcomes; Creating aged friendly communities; Impact of density and growing populations; Public space and sharing space; Smart cities: age of analytics and technology; Key to sustainable transport; City and regional pressures: food, energy and water; Regional cities: the future plans for smaller centres International cities and sister cities: what we can learn – what are the outcomes; Sustainable frameworks: communities, facilities, cities; Universal design: urban housing that works for everybody;New urbanism: emerging approaches to design and planning; Future of work: co-working labs and dispersing jobs; Working with councils: legislation and policies; Urban agriculture; Creative cities – knowledge cities; Building tolerance and resilience; and Leadership in sustainability. CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE FOR DETAILS.


In conjunction with the Liveable Cities Conference. the Safe Cities Conference will be held on 8 July 2015 at Pullman Melbourne on the Park. This one day conference will focus on the following topics: Designing, building and planning for safer communities;CCTV surveillance technology and data; Public transport, road and pedestrian safety; Crime prevention strategies; Systems and technology: mobile apps, intelligent systems, thermal imaging, facial recognition, license plate tracking; Urban safety: role of streets, public spaces and landscapes; Institutions safety: campus, hospitals, aged care and shopping centres; Safety initiatives for vulnerable groups: child, youth, women & elderly; Workplace health and safety; Late night safety; and Policy, research and licensing laws. CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE FOR DETAILS.

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