Balik Probinsya (Going back to my home province, Romblon)

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THIS IS MY NEW HOME… for the next 15 years! Joining this state university at the middle of 2015 was a big decision I made as a 360 turn-around of my professional career. After 38 years of residency in Metro Manila, I finally decided to go back to my own province, Romblon which is located at the heart of the Philippines, where the marble thrives and the majestic Mt Guitiing-Guiing stands tall! This is a rare opportunity to bring back the skills, knowledge and experience I gained from both locally and abroad to my very own province. This is where I could inspire more young minds that they will also be the future movers of change and regional development – for a better resilient Philippines.

~ by reymos on June 17, 2015.

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