Palawan Underground River: the world heritage site

IT WAS NOT AN ORDINARY VISIT! My visit to Palawan was part of my involvement in a regional sports event in Southern Tagalog participated by 12 State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) in the Philippines. After my event (badminton), as a birthday gift from a colleague, she invited me to join her and another lady friend in discovering the Underground River – one of the world’s heritage sites.

IT WAS NOT AN ORDINARY DAY! Four days earlier prior to the visit, continuous pouring of rains with strong wind in Palawan and other part of the region due to typhoon Nona. It means that all tours and visits to the underground river were cancelled. But on the fifth day, the local government allowed tourists to visit the site by “land”, not by boat due to big waves. By land, we have to walk for four hours (going and coming back) along the long trails inside a natural park to reach the underground river.  It was not easy to walk or hike along the slippery narrow trails but it was a refreshing to be with nature. With the help of a tour guide which was provided to us upon registration, we managed to reach the destination without any physical problems. But it was tiring and we were wet – mixed of sweat and rain!

Entering the cave brought a different feeling – exploring the unknown territory with one big flashlight guiding us in the darkness. It was a mix of emotions! With the sense of humor of our “boat man”, he amusingly explained and described all the major rock formations inside the cave. He really made our visit something to be remembered and inspired others to do the same – share the beauty of this rare natural formation in the country. No doubt, being one of the world’s wonders, the underground river brings recognition to the Philippines and put the country on the map for the world best’s tourist destination.

~ by reymos on December 23, 2015.

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