ICMR Conference 2016, Baguio City

Theory and practices of mixed-use schemes (MUS) towards sustainable built environment: an international development perspective

The emergence of mixed-use scheme (MUS) or mixed-use development is linked to the transitional changes in towns and cities. It has been observed that mixing of different land uses came-out in the early development of settlements across small villages to large cities, way back in the prehistoric to present times. Specifically, mixed-use developments are part of the historical development of land uses ranging from small-scale diverse mixes uses to mono-functional planned areas.

It is evident in the literature that MUS has gained significant attention from planners, policy makers, environmentalists, academicians, investors, appraisers, and developers. This has also resulted in the emerging awareness of sustainable built environment, including the need for live-work-play facilities and amenities which MUS plays an important role.

This study provides an extensive review of the theoretical and conceptual aspects of MUS as a component of urban development strategy as well as to analyze the current practices and approaches in delivering such schemes in an urban fabric around the world. Then, the study focuses on the various activities and players in the development process within the real estate market perspective. Finally, it also examines the distinctive characteristics or salient elements within MUS definition through case studies of selected urban regeneration projects in the UK and Ireland, its relevance and applications in the context of international real estate development practices in creating functional and sustainable communities. With the results of validation and the findings from the literature, MUS is a physical development of a structure or group of structures having two or more integrated functional uses creating diverse of activities.

Key Words: development process, built environment, mixed-use schemes, sustainable communities, urban regeneration

~ by reymos on April 11, 2016.

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