RSU President gets another 4-year term

Dr. Arnulfo de Luna got another term as the President of the Romblon State University. President de Luna assumed office in April 2012 as the second president of the school after it was converted from college (Romblon State College) into a “university” which is now the Romblon State University.

The institution was established in 1915 as a primary school -Odiongan Farm School. Then in 1929, it became  a high school –  Odiongan Rural High School. By 1965, it was converted into a college – Romblon National Agricultural College, then renamed as Romblon Agricultural College by the virtue of the GAA of 1969. By 1983, it was named as the Romblon State College (RSC)  by passing Parliamentary Bill 131,  signed into law by President Ferdinand Marcos, and later became  Batas Pambansa Blg 393.  Finally, on 14 October 2009, RSC was converted into Romblon State University thru the enactment of Republic Act 9721 by the former President Gloria Arroyo.

We will not falter in bringing progress and sustainable development in all areas of human activities, and we will try our best to excel, the hallmarks of our endeavors – Arnulfo F De Luna, PhD

Today, RSU continues to uphold its mandate in providing higher education in the MIMAROPA Reion which ultimately brings progress and sustains economic development in the Province of Romblon through  active, focused and dedicated leadership towards human resource capacity building and exemplary performance.

~ by reymos on April 28, 2016.

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