Unexpected Meet-up with Kris Aquino… (a repost from FB)



Photo credit: Inquirer.Net


Two days passed and I just remember that I met Kris. I am sure everyone is curious why Kris met me or vice-versa. It was an early morning and I was standing alone at the hotel lobby in Quezon City near ABS-CBN. I was not sure why I was alone and I just left my luggage at the hotel front desk. Out of a sudden, I saw Kris and without hesitation, I walked directly towards her. It was not a star-struck encounter but I was confident to greet her.
It was like an acquaintance but seems we know each other for a long time. Honestly, I have not met her before except that I watch The Buzz and her late night show with Boy Abunda. So after I introduced myself to her, then simply I got a response with her iconic smile of the “queen of media!” Surprisingly, it was really a simple interaction and she reacted to my presence with no fuss! “Walang taray effect!”

There were few people in the lobby and no overreaction from them as well while they watched us talking. By the way, she does not have any alalay. I dont know – very unusual…

I don’t know what made me decide to invite her for a snack near the hotel. It was fast that I asked her to join me for a bite! Surprisingly, she accepted my invitation and we proceeded to the resto just across the street.

We got a place.  We seated and she immediately browsed the menu. There were customers inside the resto and again it was a normal reaction from them. No one stood-up and approached her for a “selfie” taking. I allowed her to settle down while I talked to the waitress standing near our table.

To make the story short, we had our order and we chatted on non-showbiz things. It was like a meet-up with just a simple Kris! I even told her to have a walk afterwards.

We left the restaurant and proceeded to the hotel lobby. Suddenly, I felt numbness in my left shoulder and I thought that my “multi-disc desiccation” problem attacked again. I felt uneasiness when a wink of my eyes I could not find Kris! Suddenly, I could now feel the beat of my heart and I just realized that I was already home – inside my room with my four big pillows and sensing the warm air from the stand fan swaying quietly!

What a starry dream with Kris Aquino!

N.B. I forgot…while we were walking back to the hotel, I quickly asked her if she plans to run for any political position in the future elections. She just simply said…”It runs in the family…”


~ by reymos on August 3, 2016.

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