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ONE YEAR AND ONE MONTH PAST…after finally settling back in the Philippines. Nothing to complain but so far sooooo good with my life right now. It is not a smooth-sailing life but I am happy and fulfilled! My current work provides me the luxury to travel in the country. Being part of a group of technical people working so hard to ensure our environment is well-guarded from any man-made activities is worth keeping. This is not new to me, but the challenge is to come-up with a study that will not only encourage big investments in the Philippines but also ensure that the impacted communities will benefit in the projects, particularly the indigenous people.
On the other hand, few months ago, I was diagnosed with a multi-level disc desiccation – a common problem that affects the discs located in the neck.  This health condition is not life-threatening but the way my first doctor disclosed my condition, it was a shocking revelation! My first reaction is I am going to be paralyzed – I will be hopeless and it was a 360 degrees-life changing realization! God is merciful and now I am getting better after a series of therapies and of course the moral and spiritual support from family and friends. It will take months to fully recover or maybe it will be there forever, but it is not something to fear about! At least having second and third opinions of my neck problem, it provided me a peace of mind that I will not be spending thousands of pesos to implant a titanium material between two discs, not to mention other expenses such doctor’s fees, medication and rehabilitation.
Until now, I am still in the “state of denial” – thinking that I am healthy, strong and this will not happen to me! But reflecting on it, sometimes we feel that nothing worse will come in our way and it is impossible that this problem will strike us… we are unguarded and to the point that we are feel helpless and the good things we have done are not good enough to save us! This is not the end… God is there for me and He will always remind me to take this a challenge to be a better person to others, a better brother to my siblings, a better son to my parents.
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Another year passed and every one is busy thinking of what will be their fate this 2012, the year of water dragon. I have so much to think about but for sure the new year will bring more challenges especially at work.  But at the end, Im very optimistic that these challenges will not hinder me to excel in my profession and achieve my ultimate goal – fulfilled and happy! 
As an Archer, I’m destined to explore more places both locally and abroad and thru the lens of my camera(s), I will be able to share these places here in my blogsite. Lastly, may this year will bring HOPE to everyone, especially for  those who are affected by natural calamities around the world. God Bless Us All…

TIME FLIES AND ANOTHER BLOG ACTION DAY is approaching. Since 2007, I am a regular participant of this worldwide campaign which encourages bloggers to contribute their thoughts and ideas on a pressing issue that the world is experiencing right now. For this year, FOOD which is a relevant topic to be discussed and for the celebration of World Food Day. If you want to take in Blog Action Day on 16 October 2011, all you need to do is follow this:  Register your blog details; Publish a blog on your blogsite focused on food on October 16, 2o11 and promote it via social media; Tag your Blog Action Day blog and status updates with  #BAD11. You can visit the  Blog Action Day website and its Twitter and Facebook profiles.
There are possible ways to discuss FOOD. The organizer suggested the following:  My favorite food; The famine in East Africa;  To be organic or not to be, that is the question; Hunger and poverty;  Best and worst food memory; Slow Food, Fast Food: What does it actually mean; Malnutrition; Conflict over Food: Will new wars be about arable land?; Is your hamburger hurting the environment? It takes 24 liters of water to produce one hamburger. That means it would take over 19.9 billion liters of water to make just one hamburger for every person in Europe; Vegan, Vegetarian, Meat eater – Which one are you and why; Trading in the future of food. What is the impact of food speculation?; Will we be able to feed 9 billion people in 2050?; How does Fair Trade food help farmers and communities get out of poverty?;  Freeganism  – eating the things others throw away; The scandal of food waste; What is the best way to farm food?; Growing your own – the joys and heartache of growing what you eat?; Too much or too little taking food to extremes; Strangest thing you have ever eaten; and What food means to your culture.
AFTER THREE MONTHS OF LIVING in Manila, truly a challenging time for me to go back to work after spending 5 years at the University of Ulster (Northern Ireland) to complete my PhD program. I am glad that I finally find a job that provides me a financial stability and could maintain my simple lifestyle in the long term. My present job entails me to travel locally in the Philippines – engaging with various stakeholders of the projects that my employer is engaged with.
Aside from my permanent work, I decided to continue teaching on a parttime basis in one of the state universities in Metro Manila. Unfortunately, I have to decline two offers from the private universities to teach both undergrad and postgrad programs  due to my workloads.  
SO FAR, SO GOOD but it is a tiring routine to commute from my residence in Quezon City to the office located at The Fort Global City (Taguig) every day. I have to wake up as early as 4:30AM just to catch the early routes of MRT. I need to be at  the MRT station before 7AM (the latest), otherwise I will be caught with the influx of commuters! Believe me, it is really a frustrating part of the journey when people are pushing each other inside the mass transit.  There is an urgent need to change the way this mass transport is being managed today!
FINALLY, I also started attending BO SANCHEZ’s talks every Sunday at PICC. He is very inspiring person that every week provides me something to hold on and be inspired to enjoy life to the fullest. Aside from work, I swim and play badminton during the weekends to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be re-charged for the working days ahead.
Mabuhay! Finally, Im back to the Philippines. I arrived Manila via London yesterday afternoon and this is my first update of my blog. But prior to my departure in London (UK) I had the chance to watch Barry Manilow for the first time at O2 Arena last 5 May 2011. It was a wonderful evening listening to Barry’s old time favourite songs! He even sung his latest single from the forthcoming new album entitled 15 minutes.
I met alot of Pinoys during my short stay in Heathrow Airport and one of them gave me a free breakfast! In addition, my excess weight from my luggage was also free. I was tired carrying two bags from my friend’s house (near St Tomas Hospital) to the train stations, and transferring from one station to another!
For the next few weeks, expect more journals about my new adventures and of course my job search updates. I need a good-paying work to settle some of my loans and I will be able to travel locally and promote Philippine tourism… By the way, few hours ago I watched the much-awaited fight between Manny Pacquiao and Sugar Shane Mosley in MGM, Las Vegas, USA. Manny did not fail to win the fight and Pinoys around the world are rejoicing at the moment. Lastly, I would like greet all mothers around the world, Happy Mother’s Day especially to my loving mother…

Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit! My Xmas holiday was celebrated with simple parties with close friends and stayed home on New Year’s eve because it was freezing to go out and watch the fireworks.  I also took advantage of the holiday season to update my blogsites and caught-up with my books, including ebooks for my new travel gadget – Amazon Kindle3G. Firstly, I finished reading several ebooks purchased from Amazon and some of them are free for downloads from various websites. The Art of Racing in the Rain (Garth Stein) is my first purchased ebook which I initially reading it using a free ebook reading software application for PC from Amazon, then eventually I transferred it to Kindle. After that, I also done with Charles Dicken’s classic story, A Christmas Carol, followed by two short stories written by RJ Silver, namely: The Princess and the Penis; and The Ballerina, The Gymnast, and the Yoga Master. Im impressed with these short stories and decided to contact the author. Fortunately, I did the interview with RJ Silver and the scripts are available here: MY BOOKS. My reviews for Garth Stein’s The Art of Racing in the Rain and Dicken’s A Christmas Carol will be posted very soon. I also posted a journal about Amazon Kindle as the latest way of reading books and a travel gadget. I love my Kindle3G very much and it is indeed an ultimate travel companion which allows you to bring thousands of books with out  being charged for “excess luggage”.  I recommended a handful of websites that offer free ebooks for download, as well as ebooks free from Amazon website. To find out more, CLICK HERE. I am also happy to share that my blogsite, The DigitalEnvironmentalist – dedicated to my academic and professional life was honoured as one of the top environmental sites. This is the third time that the site is being recognised as one of the useful sites in providing information related to environmental issues. If you are curious to know about it, then CLICK HERE to discover it for yourself!  Added to that, my blogsite for my travelling experience, My eTravelDiary is also chosen to be featured in BLOGROLL – a site that maintains a list of travelblogs around the world. By the way, I received an email few days ago to contribute an article about my hometown, Sibuyan Island in the Philippines to be featured in one of the travel magazines circulated worldwide. Im excited about it and hopefully, it will be another opportunity to be recognised in the travel/tourism industry in the Philippines. Well, that is all for a quick update of my blogging life and there are more interesting posts to come and hope you have time to come back and browse them in the near future!



   I arrived safe last month in London and stayed there for few days before I flew to Belfast. It was a freezing week but I managed to met some of my close friends in London and visited the Philippine Embassy. I had the opportunity to meet the Consul General, Madam Thess Dizon-deVega and she was generous to give me a pre- Xmas gift – a pocket book! She knew that I love to read as she does too. Spending few months in California, I was able to visit some interesting places: from Napa Valley to Nevada; from Universal Studios to Las Vegas strip. Courtesy of my cousin, I did enjoy my stay and took alot of photos during those trips… Some of them are already posted in my eTravelDiary website, including in Trivago and JPG.  I’m back to the Irish isle to do the unfinished commitment with my university. I have to do it otherwise my 4 years of hardwork will not pay off… It is a struggle but I need to do it for my own benefit and for the people that I mentioned in the dedication page of my report. For my love in  reading, I already finished The Art of Racing in the Rain. This is my first ebook copy purchased from Amazon. Fortunately, I read it using my AmazonKindle reader – a beautiful gift from my cousin! Aside from reading my fav novels, AmazonKindle 3G allows me to browse the internet anywhere in the world, except inside the flying airplane! This is really a well-rounded electronic gadget and highly recommended as a Xmas presence! Im also reading simultaneously (depending on my mood) two books: C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia and Jodi Piccult’s House Rules.  While travelling, I’m reading the ebook  A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.. Finally, I started to paint using instant coffee and some of my artworks are  now in the hands of my close friends.  I plan to accumulate more of my coffee painting for possible exhibition in the future… I dont know where it will be held! To find more about this new hobby, you can read my journal entitled, The Aromatic Style in Painting using Instant CoffeeWith my photography, you can browse some of my stories with images posted in JPG website… One of them was featured as Story of the Week.

After two months of adapting the American way of living, I’m in limbo – thinking of what to do next with my professional career.  It is hard to concentrate with my thesis revision but I don’t have regrets, besides I’m happy to be here with my cousin family.  During the past months, aside from gaining some pounds, I finally renewed my old green passport to a brown epassport. I got it last week from our Philippine consulate office in San Francisco.  While visiting SF, I met some of my old friends from high school and college.; and had the chance to explore places like: Napa Valley and Monterey County.  Watch out for my travel journals to tell more of my escapades. 

Again, having a book while travelling is somehow reduces dull moments. So far, I already bought two books from the discounted store in SF of my fav authors: Stephen King (Just After Sunset) and Harlan Coben  (The Woods). But Im already half way reading Rick Warren’s spiritual bestseller copy of The Purpose Driven Life. If you want to explore some of these books that Ive read in the past, CLICK HERE.

On the other hand, my interest in photography is growing stronger and Im happy to share with you some of the recent images taken during my travels. I have also written some photo essay that explains or describes these images in terms of my enthusiasm in digital photography, including taking photographs underwater using my Olympus camera.  Aside from Flickr, JPG website is the home of my photographs where I received comments from other photographers around the world. If you are curious about these images, then I’m happy to share it with you as if you were with me during those travels.  CLICK HERE for the images and CLICK HERE for the photo essays.

NEW LOCATION, NEW PRIORITIES & NEW INSPIRATION… It is the hardest decision in my life to leave Northern Ireland (UK) and face the unfinished business – complete my PhD programme. My new home (for few months)  is instrumental to be motivated and refocus my priority in life, not to be distracted with other things.   My recent trip went well and it seems that every thing will be fine. Just recently, I received an invitation to be involved in an international tv series which features Pinoys living abroad. I dont know yet the full details of the project but Im optimistic that this might leads to opportunities for a new direction in life!   My regular readers know very well that I love to travel and with my digital cameras I was able to capture beautiful and interesting  places both locally and abroad. With the recent issue of KABLOGS JOURNAL, some of my photos were featured and one of them was chosen as the theme cover. Check it out HERE.   Aside from my photos, my passion in reading is still thriving in my heart.  Again, another balikbayan boxes were sent to the Philippines containing most of my favourite authors’ novels, including photo and travel magazines. Aside from my Irish friend’s mother donating some of her books, another generous Filipina friend expressed her desire to support my ultimate dream – a mini-library in my hometown (Sibuyan).  As part of my collection, I recently finished reading The Angel’s Game and the Prince of Mist of Carlos Ruiz Zafon; and after spending 10 hours on air, I started to discover the struggle of  Bernat Estanyol and his only son Arnau to survive from the novel, Cathedral of the Sea written by the Spanish writer, Ildefonso Falcones. It is about the historical city of Barcelona – its nobility, craftsmanship, leadership, spirituality and beliefs, revenge, love and lust. I also finished reading the book, 50 Gintong Kuwento ng Batikang Kuwentista  a compilation of short stories written (even before WW2) by Filipino writers.  To find more of my previous readings, CLICK HERE.    

  IT’S BEEN A WHILE THAT I havent updated my blogsite, busy with so many things. Firstly, struggling to finalise my thesis submission; secondly, I had my short holiday in the Philippines with Irish friends and visited some of the exciting places: Boracay, Corregidor, Fort Santiago, Luneta, and of course my hometown – Sibuyan Island. Some of the images will be posted here very soon!

FINALLY, watch out also for my new location… I will be missing my close friends in Northern Ireland but this decision is another turning point in my life. More surprises to come!

By the way, Im also catching up with my regular books reading, and currently engrossed with the novel, THE ANGEL’S GAME of  Carlos Ruiz Zafon (author of The Shadow of the Wind).

For the past few weeks, I was busy building up my mini-library – compiling several books that I have read in the past.  So far, at the start of 2010 I’ve already collected more than 10 books (adding to my  350+ publications collection)  containing interesting and inspiring stories and characters written by my favourite writers.  If you are interested to find out more about these books,  CLICK HERE.
Im also wrapping up my first ever  written short story – Loto (originally entitled, FX-911), about winning the lottery! Unfortunately, it is written in my local language and to be posted in my Filipino blogpage very soon, CLICK HERE.
Again, Im sharing my personal views on pursuing postgrad studies (higher education) overseas. It is indeed a long bumpy and winding road but there is always a rewarding and fulfilling life ahead after finishing it. CLICK HERE to get extra tips in securing scholarships/funding.
Every where I go and meeting interesting people, I take advantage of promoting the Philippines, inviting them to visit the country!  An Irish TV programme is interested to visit the Philippines thru my personal life story. Im wishing that the producer will choose my story (and my hometown) to be featured in this year’s series, Welcome to my World.  CLICK HERE for details.
If you want to listen to Original Pilipino Music (OPM), just simply click the link. PINOY RADIO UK This is available in Europe and UK. It might work elsewhere like in the US.  Thank you very much to the management of PINOY RADIO UK and its sponsors for bringing Filipino talents closer to our kababayan abroad. Maraming salamat at mabuhay po kayong lahat!
It is indeed a white Xmas in Northern Ireland, unfortunately, I don’t have time to build my Irish snowman! Read more… I got my pre Xmas gift from Nokia… Click here to find out!  Finally, I’m sharing my ten birthday wishes and I’m very determine to achieve them in two years time…Read more about it!  Updates on the 2-weeks UN Climate Change conference in Denmark,Click here.
By the way, don’t forget to watch the film, AVATAR – one of the best movies of the year! Personally, it really touched my heart – reminding me of what little contributions I could share to save my beautiful hometown, Sibuyan Island (Romblon) for any future mining and industrial activities. You can READ MORE stories about Sibuyan Island – where the sun, sand and fresh air meet every day!
Im sharing my personal views on undertaking postgrad studies (higher education) overseas. It is indeed a long bumpy and winding road but there is always a rewarding and fulfilling life ahead after finishing it. CLICK HERE to get extra tips in securing scholarships/funding.
Another Philippine presidential election is coming up in 2010! Is the ousted 13th President, Erap Estrada legitimate to run? Find out more and you decide, CLICK HERE.
Being a nominee of the 2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog awards is something to look forward at the end of this year as the awarding ceremony culminates on the 27th December 2009 at Philamlife Theater, Malate, Manila City, Philippines. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this event, however, I will ask my sister and aunt to be there and who knows Im lucky enough to be chosen in the top ten over-powering Filipino bloggers. For more updates of my top 12 personal pick from the 37 nominees, CLICK HERE.
BOOK WATCH: If you want to know more about my favourite books and authors, then try a look and maybe we have the same interest. I already finished reading Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol, including Mary Higgins Clark’s novel, I heard that Song Before, including a book written by a Thai writer (Chai Pinit), “Bangkok Boy“.  I have to continue reading, “The Time Traveller’s Wife” which was shown in cinema few months ago . CLICK HERE for more fascinating characters and stories.
For FILM fanatics, I really enjoyed watching 2012 – the futuristic Noah’s Arc. I was not impressed with the paranormal  movie, The Fourth Kind (Abduction) based from the true life story of a psychologist who experienced the kidnapping of her daughter and murder of her husband by aliens! But if you like to exercise your heart, then grab a DVD copy of The Last House on the Left. More updates of movies to catch up, CLICK HERE.
PIC A BOO…Another scene to enjoy! This shot was taken during my 2008 visit to Florence. Street painting is a popular activity along the busiest streets in the shopping district of Michelangelo’s hometown. The painters’ talent is acknowledged by dropping some coins in the bucket/can beside them. For more stories,CLICK HERE.
On the other hand, Im sharing my views concerning the art of travelling. Why not take the opportunity of exploring the world while working and studying at the same time? Being a Filipino, I love to experience different places, culture and way of living… sharing this somehow provides a window to other people who could not afford or do not have time to travel or visit other towns and cities; and through my photographs I could bring these places to them as they were there when I took these images and took the journey with me as well! Find out more, CLICK HERE.
Wow thanks God!… Im up here in cloud 9 at the moment, trying to savour my harwork, perseveranace and optimism after a success defence of my PhD (Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering) thesis. With minor corrections, I will be able to submit my final copy of the thesis by the end of the year, and by then I could officially use the title, PhD after my name or Dr. before my name.

I also came up with own Historical Ovi tweets as part of NOKIA’s sponsorship to the forthcoming Pinoy Expats Blog awards on the 26th October, 2009. If you fancy of finding out who is the lucky historical figure, then CLICK HERE. I will be posting more of these historical tweets in a regular basis. Watch out for this, especially Im featuring David (Michelangelo’s masterpiece who got a modelling contract with Green Explorer (NOKIA’s Green  website)  for promoting Climate Change… David tweeted AL GORE about this!   I was also able to write a journal, entitled Higher Learning and Climate Change  for this year’s Blog Action Day – 15th October. For details, click HERE.  In addition, Efren Penaflorida needs your vote to be recognised as one of the ten CNN Heroes 2009.    By the way, my attendance during the AIT golden jubilee celebration was a success, CLICK HERE for details.  More stories during my trips to Puerto Galera (Batangas) CLICK HERE, including Ocean Park (Manila) and night shoppings in Metro Manila will be posted very soon! More on my travelling experience in some stunning and interesting places, CLICK HERE.

My quest for PEBA top Expats/OFWs Blog Award nominee is still exciting despite the latest standing in the voting poll. Thanks alot for those who have already voted for my blog as one of the contenders in the 2009 Pinoy Expats/OFWs Blog Awards. If you havent cast your vote, then CLICK HEREand dont forget to read my entry as my support to this annual event. Your votes make a difference to all Pinoy Expat bloggers! By the way, I came up with my top 12 list – a dozen of my personal pick from the 37 nominees! Find out more about it, CLICK HERE.
Films to watchFILM GUIDE : One of my favourite past times (aside from blogging) is watching suspense, thriller, horror, adventure and documentary films. I am a movie fanatic and these movies really entertained me to the max! CLICK HERE if you fancy to join me watching them again. Bring a popcorn with you, please?  I recently watched  the “Final Destnation 3D, Whiteout, the remake of “Fame”, Grudge 3, Frozen Flower, including Filipino films: In My Life (starring Vilma Santos), Manghuhula (Eula Valdez) and two Filipino indie films: The Secret of Antonio and Lovebirds.
 BOOK WATCH: If you want to know more about my favourite books and authors, then try a look and maybe we have the same interest. I already finished reading Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol, including Mary Higgins Clark’s novel, I heard that Song Before, including a book written by a Thai writer (Chai Pinit), “Bangkok Boy“.  I have to continue reading, The Time Traveller’s Wife also in cinema houses now. CLICK HERE for more of my book collections.  Finally, watch out for my online reviews on these inspiring novels and stories.
Location, location, location: Another stunning location – the place where our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal learned his fencing skills, SPAIN! Lake Enol  is one of the most fascinating nature reserves in the north of the country and I had the chance to visit this place, including the Picos de Europa (Asturias)  in September 2008. For the previous featured location, Crista de Gallo (Sibuyan Island), CLICK HERE – where the sun, fresh air and the blue ocean meet every day! If you missed the last location which is the home of Michelangelo’s masterpiece (David) – Florence… then CLICK HERE .

lake enol   SPOTLIGHT: Did you know that I love to cook and taking photos of  the food I cooked? Well, find out more about my specialty menu…Click HERE. Finding more about Spain, then try a look of my recent trip to Madrid and Asturias, Click HERE. Do you want to know more about me, then find out HERE.  

~ F L A S H N E W S ~

Ako’y nagagalak na taun-taon ang Pilipinas ay nagbibigay pugay sa ating Wikang Pilipino (Filipino) sa tuwing buwan ng Agosto. Ito po ang aking munting handog sa bansang Pilipinas at sa ating mga kababayan sa iba’t-ibang sulok ng mundo. Ang pamagat ay: Tayo’y mga Pinoy… linggo ng wika

The former President of the Philippines, Madame Corazon “Cory” Aquino died on 01 August 2009. Click HERE for the emotional eulogy from her youngest daughter, Kris Aquino. On the other hand, I also did a simple tribute (CLICK HERE) to my Grandma who died in April 2008; unfortunately, I was not  there during her last moment on earth.   If you want to know more about Philippine’ Arts and Culture, click HERE. Hope you will find interesting bits about Filipinos… For example, did you know that Philippines has its own alphabet, called ALIBATA? Unfortunately, we did not learn on how to use it.   Please read my latest post, Imagine a World without Filipinos – an article written by a foreigner. Very inspiring!   Finally, if you love music and song competition, then watch out for this. This is much better and bigger than American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, or even X-Factor, the mega entertainment event of the year, “Our Sound – Asia Pacific Song Contest” or formerly named as AsiaVision. This is the replica of Eurovision Song Contest which being held in May in Europe. Watch out for the final round in March 2010 (might be held in Singapore for the first time)!   Have a nice day to everyone! REYMOS 












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    • Hi Bing: Wow, Im speechless! Thank u so much for the kind words. Unexpected that I will get a long reply – it made me cry (a bit) while reading it!!! Yes, honestly, I have watery eyes…you give me another reason to continue sharing my passion in life thru blogging even only few read it!

      Thank you for reminding me again that being rich is not always measured by what we have in financial terms! It is another confirmation of what Sonny L (DJ of Radio Pinoy UK) that Im very rich for having friends around the world.

      You also gave me an idea to post something about my Zodian sign! Watch out.

      Again, thank you very much.

  14. hopefully this chapter in your life would work for the good, finishing your thesis and moving on to greater and bigger things. Times have changed since the financial crisis of 2007 and now threats from Europe – the instability of Greece and Spain is trying to stall the recovery. You seem to be steadfast in your faith and that’s great for you will surely reach the goals you have been praying for 🙂

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    • I grew up in Sibuyan Island, Sibuyan, Romblon. During my college days, I stayed in Makati and after that, I moved around Mandaluyong and Quezon City while working. Most of the time, I did travel and study abroad (Thailand, Australia, UK).

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