Passion for Fashion 101: Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F) – Made for my style of clothing

zzzz_abercrombie“We design our clothes to fit you and your life. The things you do. The places you go. We hit the streets and found actual folks to try on the new A&F. They liked the clothes so much, they wanted to keep them. Because these are clothes for real people…just like you.” – A&F

zzzz_reymosThis is the first reason why I love to shop in the US or UK. Not because I am rich, but A&F’s merchandise is worth to wear it! You may think that this is for the elite or fashionistas, but believe me everyone can wear it. It is just having a perfect timing when to shop at A&F. I rarely buy the regular price, except for the cologne which the store does not offer discounts. But for the rest of the clothing, you can grab at a discounted tag price.

My cousin’s family was surprised that instead of shopping at GAP or American Eagle, I insisted and persuaded  them to try A&F. With posh entrances and interiors, you feel that this place is not for “masa” because the ambiance (even the smell inside the store) is quite different from the normal ones. It was funny because when we presented our selected items in the counter for payment, it turned out that my cousin and her kids have brought many items than what I have! They loved it! Since then, they are now frequent visitors of A&F.

~ by reymos on March 6, 2017.

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