Thank you… academic recognitions

This is a memorable achievement to receive the “Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) Best Paper Award 2016.” Why – because it was the first time that PICE included a technical session on academic researches during its annual convention. It means that I got the first ever best technical paper. Participated by other state universities and colleges (SUCS) and private schools in the country, the event was held in Davao City in November 2016 during the 42nd PICE national convention. Unfortunately, this recognition was not given during the event but nevertheless, PICE did not fail its promise. Indeed, it was a long overdue (almost 5 months) but it was worth of waiting!

PICE Best Paper Award 2016

My technical paper is part of my dissertation conducted during my PhD program in Northern Ireland, UK. It is entitled, “Performance Indicators of Mixed-Use Scheme Towards Sustainable Built Environment: International Development Perspective.” The paper focused on how to assess the success of mixed-use development projects in Belfast, Dublin and London.

~ by reymos on May 31, 2017.

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