Suspense is missing in “The President is Missing” by Patterson & Clinton

It is a long story because it contains situations that should not be written elaborately.

presidentJames Patterson normally writes fast-paced thriller and suspense stories, but here it seems that Bill Clinton was the main contributor of the story. There was nothing new about the plot – majority of the events were based on current situations on how the US influence other countries and its allies.

The social and political issues being tackled in the story were the same issues that we are facing right now. Everyone knows it – not a secret. Bit disappointed in the sense that I expect some extraordinary issues that are not obvious and that will bring excitement to the readers. Sadly, at some point in the story, I already guessed who was the traitor among the President’s staff.

But on the positive note, the story brings the power of women, how they play their part in the men-dominated world of politics. Finally, this is a nice presence to our President, DU30 just to remind him of the roles of women in the society – to be treated equally with men..

~ by reymos on August 11, 2018.

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