11 years with WordPress…still blogging

anniversary-2x.png This is my simple gesture of appreciation to WordPress in providing a platform that allows me to share my passion and interest in life. I am very grateful to reach this stage of blogging and able to reach out to other people who have the same interest and motivation to enjoy life to the fullest.

Through the years, my blog powered by WordPress serves as a sanctuary for me to celebrate God’s gift of living and serves as an inspiration to others.  From my passion in books, travel, and photography, this website, My world is getting smaller every day becomes part of my existence and being that will always be instrumental to get motivated to write. Indeed, it is a struggle when too much office works and no connection at all with internet, I could not even write any thing in this blog. More than a decade of dedication and perseverance to keep this blog going and I will continue to write as long as WordPress allows us to exist in this worldwide web, free of charge! Again, from the bottom of my heart,  thank you WordPress for providing us a virtual place where we can freely express ourselves in this technology-driven world of blogging. All the best!


~ by reymos on August 19, 2018.

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