My journey to become a fully-fledged Environmental Planner


THIS IS A LONG OVERDUE REGISTRATION. It started in the early 90s to become one of the first few registered Environmental Planners in the Philippines. Unfortunately, due to workloads and consultancy commitments, I was not able to comply with the non-exam requirements set by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC). At that time, there was no examination given to be recognised as an Environmental Planner. The basis for registration were only proofs of professional experience and educational attainment in Urban and Regional Planning/Town and Country Planning.

I am a registered Civil Engineer but I did not follow the traditional path of practising my profession in the field of construction. I chose to become a planner cum manager (teacher at the same time). I was fortunate to be educated overseas and decided to return back to our beloved country to serve which is the very essence of receiving grants/scholarships; though that I worked hard for these grants – it was my own efforts, not from any organization or firms that I worked with. I do believe that pursuing higher education is one of the key factors that will improve our way of living + thinking.

The result of the recent licensure examination given last June 5-6 was only to mark my years of environmental practice and it is a self-worth accomplishment. Maybe I was really destined to take this examination considering that twice I was reminded by former senior colleagues to submit the necessary credentials in those early years of registration, and becoming an EnP was in vain!

But until 2019, it was ruled that allied courses (with planning experience) will be allowed to take for the last chance. Despite my current job in a university, I decided to have it a go! Thankfully, with stock knowledge, experience, positive attitude and having strong faith in God paved the way for me to passed the EnP licensure exam last June. Questions were difficult but easy to answer (always D if not sure of the answer…hahaha). I even questioned those questions given!

One of the other reasons of my readiness to take the board examination is that I am one of the moderators in a Facebook Group Chat dedicated for those who plan to take  the exam.  It helped a lot in my journey to become a full-fledged EnP of the country. My work as a moderator of this Group Chat provided me the opportunity to have a daily self review as I also shared to the group the knowledge I gained from years of experience. Eventually, it somehow helps others to learn in preparation for the said board examination. As I posted in the Group Chat, I reminded those who passed or failed.

For those who successfully passed, this is the opportunity to help our country, particularly our own community to be safer, healthier, and liveable place to live; and for those who did not make it, do not be dismayed, not having a PRC registration will not hinder you to help our country manage our natural resources. We can work together, big or small projects can truly bring positive impacts to our people. For the coming years, I will continue to share relevant reading materials and links to continue and sustain our life-long learning.

Having the licensure examination is not only marking my practise in environmental planning, but it is a continuing challenge to be an instrument towards improving our surroundings – how we manage our natural resources to making our communities liveable, healthier and safer to live.

~ by reymos on June 17, 2019.

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