Book Review: “Dared to Survive and Recover” – an inspirational story

“Straightforward accounts of becoming a true-believer in the power of prayers! Coupled with faith in Divine Being and optimism to overcome obstacles in life, this inspirational book brings us to a level of self-realization that living a life gives us a fulfilling state of existence with a purpose; and able to acknowledge the best qualities in us in times of adversities.”

dared.jpgHONESTLY, I don’t read much of inspirational or autobiography type of books. The last book I have read (and this was recommended by a good friend) was the funny but heart-warming story of Trevor Noah – a South African comedian who tells his personal life while growing-up during the time of Apartheid in South Africa.

Few weeks after reading this book, I found out that my former boss was having a book launch. After years of no communication, I reconnected with her via FB – inquiring about her debut book. After a few exchanges of messages, we decided to meet-up and finally got a copy of her book entitled, Dared to Survive and Recover.

Unknown to me, sometime in 2011 she suffered a fatal hemorrhagic stroke, a few months before I first met Doc Alma Madrazo after finishing my PhD program overseas when I visited her office for a job interview. I did not have any suspicion of her serious medical condition. What I only knew that time of my visit was, I saw her “alalay” in the office minding of her needs! When I successfully got the job and directly reporting to her, she started telling me of her on-going therapy and why someone has to be with her all the times.

“This book also reminds us to be courageous, be patient, be thankful and always enjoy the moment that life would bring ever day!”

Going back to her book, I bought two copies, one with a personal message written on it and the other one bears a signature of her. We had a late lunch and we chatted happily on what we have done after we parted ways when I decided to resign from the company that she manages and also the things she has done after her retirement.

The book was written in such a way that a reader can easily follow through. Doc Alma (as close friends call her), immediately recalled her ordeal of the stroke and the events after that unexpected state of survival, and eventually towards recovery. Reading her story. it seems that she directly talking to you (as reader) – as if she is engaged to tell you on how she became part of the “statistics” of people suffering from hemorrhagic stroke in the country. It is not that she wants “sympathy” from us as readers but, she wanted to reminds us that “life” is so “fragile” that any time it will end up suddenly without warning.

“...her “renewed” faith in God somehow brings her back to life  – motivated to regain her strength and able to enjoy life to the fullest…”


Every page of the book tells us her optimism in life and became a true-believer in the power of prayers! It takes courage and strong determination to survive and recover, eventually be able to appreciate the things she love to do after that fatal condition. Aside from having an excellent team of medical people and family members who love and helping towards her fast recovery,  her “renewed” faith in God somehow brings her back to life  – motivated to regain her strength and able to enjoy life to the fullest which some of pages of the book showed images that after her stroke, she managed to travel again with her husband and children – enjoying being a mother, grandma, a wife and a devoted professor to her students.

Interestingly, Doc Alma also shares some of the highlights of her professional achievement particularly prior to her stroke. Being an achiever during her younger years, she became active in sharing her knowledge and expertise towards protecting Mother Earth. With her involvement in various environmental projects both locally and abroad, she is recognized as one of the empowered women in the energy and environment sectors. Indeed, she is blessed with intellectual prowess and beauty that any lady could wish for.dared

As a final note, Doc Alma emphasized through her book that life is not always a bed of roses, but we have to balance our life with healthy lifestyle, able to manage a stressful career; and not to forget to be thankful and enjoy the moment that God is giving us every day! And most importantly, her story reminds us that the strongest force to counteract adversities is PRAYERS!

Dared to Survive and Recover is written by Dr. Alma Bella Madrazo, PhD and it is now available at CentralBooks at Php450.00. Click the image of the book to purchase online.

~ by reymos on August 1, 2019.

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