My world is simple!

I believe in simplicity of living and because of that I dont have much baggage to carry on my shoulders.

 I am also a believer of positive thinking which is more easier to deal with and being an optimistic helps me to have a simple way of living. There are four sections under this page, namely: My Environmental World My poetic and artistic mindsMy Simple Life, and My Academic Life.











5 Responses to “MY WORLD”

  1. Dear Reymos,

    Not sure this is the right place but I don’t know how else to send you this message.

    I agree with you totally and have re-written my profile in fact last week. Thing is, it cannot be changed perhaps until tomorrow because:
    1. Only the Organizing Committee have access to the profiles and photos. They manage the entire site.
    2. China has NO WORK for a week until tomorrow because of the Autumn Holidays. This is in fact why I am in Manila now enjoying my holiday and spreading the word to our countrymen as well.

    Thanks for the feedback though. I really appreciate it and hopefully the latest one submitted is more apt for the purpose.

    People, thank you to all of you. Maraming, maraming salamat. Dahil sa inyo nasa no. 13 na tayo. Mga 5 na lang makakapasok na tayo sa Top 8.

    A very, very proud Pinoy! Marco

    PS If you can send me your email address. I can email you my latest write-up which you may want to feature. Thanks Reymos! Cheers!

  2. […] My World […]

  3. […] My World : This section simply focuses on my fascination of Mother Earth – how we could protect and conserve its natural beauty for future generations. This also covers my academic world as an engineer, planner, manager and or an ordinary human being (social and spiritual being). […]

  4. Hi, nice to meet you !

    • Hello. thanks for the visit and comment. Nice meeting you here in my blogsite. By the way, I like your website too and you have good collection of books and authors. I love to read and maybe if you are interested, you can visit my other site dedicated to my books. This is the link: I will include your website as part of my resource link. Thanks.

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