My Ecommerce

Being a consumer, buyer, or a user of any product and service, it is a good feeling to share what you have experienced of using these things, either the outcomes were bad or good.


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The consuming world!

 A review is giving advise or suggestion to make a decision to purchase hassle-free. 

Having the opportunity to write reviews on-line, I took it seriously, not mainly because of helping other consumers but for the financial gain of doing it. Well, it is not equivalent to a daily rate or a monthly salary, but the money I gained from these sites are enough for me to buy books or any product from Amazon.

My membership with dooyoo started in June 2006 while ciao was in January 2007. Aside from the UK, dooyoo and ciao have portals  for non-English speaking members in Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain.  

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