My Environmental World


This page provides the basic information about my professional work which mostly deal on the protection, conservation and preservation of our natural resources, including the planning, development and renewing/regenerating our towns and cities into livable, safe, vibrant and sustainable places to live in. 

Several links are also provided to my research works done in the past as well as links to relevant information relating to current and pressing environmental issues.

Hopefully, I could convince you to take part in protecting Mother Earth and make a difference not only for ourselves but for the next generations to come.

  waste1.jpg   Prior to my wordpress website, I have my blog dedicated to my academic and professional works powered by blogger/blogspot. Instead of duplicating of what Ive written there, it is more easier to provide the link. So far, I havent written much about my academic and professional experience, but hopefully I will update it once in a while.

This is the link of the site: DIGITALENVIRONMENTALIST. This link is also featured in the main page of this wordpress site.

UPDATES: My academic blog is recently chosen as one of the top online blogsites in Environmental and Civil Engineering field/profession. The details, CLICK HERE.

5 Responses to “My Environmental World”

  1. Hi, I gather you are from Sibuyan. I am a university student looking at the effects of mining on the Sibuyan people. I would be very grateful if you would care to share your opinion on mining and your homeland. m

    • Thanks for asking me this, however, it will be good if you have specific questions on the effects. If I will just depend on the premise of my opinion on mining, then it will require a volume of pages to write down my personal thoughts about it. I think some of these issues are already explained in my journal. Generally, there are obvious effects of the mining activity which are also happening to other mining sites around the world. The immediate effect might the clearing of trees which will cause soil erosion and flooding, and in the long term is the effect of the waste tailings from the operation which have direct impact to the quality of the water bodies nearby (rivers and beaches).

  2. Thankyou ever so much for your reply. I have read your journals alongside other literature which details the atrocities of environmental degradation caused by mining and the associated violations of human rights. I am particularly interested in the Sibuyan Mangyan Tagabukid and was wondering if you could give me some insight into the ways in which mining will impact on their tradition and spiritual ways of life. Thankyou in kindness.

  3. I will try to send a separate email regarding this particular issue on the people living in the mountations as we called it – Tagalayag. Some called them Mangyan or Tagabukid. The mining is not directly affecting this people, however, maybe in some point of the operation, it is a concern. Frankly, I have to verify this with myself, because the local people are the one directly affected by this, not on the Tagalayag.

  4. Im happy to inform my readers that my “digitalenvironmentalist” blog site is chosen as one of the top environmental and civil engineers blogs! Click the link below for the details.

    It is indeed a special recognition of having this site that allows me to tell my professional careers in environmental, civil engineering, urban planning and property planning.

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