My Poetic & Artistic Mind


Im not good in poetry and arts!

But for the past years, I tried to develop it and did write poems that express my emotions and thoughts – my dreams, my fears, my love, my compassion and my open-mindedness. I also tried to do my own creative work thru sketching and drawing and show my appreciation of what Mother Earther can offer to us. Some of my creative writings are already posted in my existing sites, but it is worth posting it here again.

Hope you will enjoy this page as well.

Updates: I also created a blogsite to feature my favourite poems, quotations, etc… CLICK HERE.


This is one of my favourite poems written when I was in Australia. This is the link, Existence!

rose1.jpg Time Line… This is another poem which I wrote early in the morning. Sometimes, it is easy for me to write down my thoughts when Im inspired and looking back for the things that Ive accomplished for the past days. Well, it is something good for the start of the New Year… Time Line tells me my past, present and the future!

Yesterday will always be the past

 While today will always be the present

 And tomorrow will always be the future!



 Yesterday is the start of today

 While today is the future’s beginning

 And tomorrow is the end of today!



The day before today is the past

But the day after yesterday is the present

While the day ahead of today is the future!



The past is a good place to visit

But the present is a better place to live

While the future is the best place to go!

Some of my newest sketches drawn from the time I arrived in Northern Ireland in September 2005. I have no time to do more of these drawings due to my hectic skeds with my university work.  Hopefully I can do it often in the next few months to come.




Paano mangarap ang dakilang dukha?
Wika nga nila’y isang kahig ’sang tuka
Sa masalimuot na sandaigdigan
Tanging anak-pawis nitong sambayanan.

Paano mangarap ang taong mayaman?
Lahat ng kailanga’y nasa paanan
Alahas, pera, damit, at mga pagkain
Samakatuwid walang alalahanin.

Paano ba mangarap ang isang mangmang?
Di nakapag-aral nang mataas na antas
Upang iguhit sariling kapalaran
Ngayon, bukas, sa taun-taong daraan.

Paano mangarap ang may kapansanan?
Sa kanyang katawan, kanyang kaisipan
Kung tutuusin, walang silbing nilalang
Bagama’t sila’y bahagin ng lipunan.

Paano ba mangarap ang mga ulila?
Walang nag-aalaga’t nag-aaruga
Maga ambisyon sa panaginip na lamang
Buong tatanggapin ang kahihinatnan.

Laging nakikintal sa puso’t isipan …
Panahong nakalaan – ang kinabukasan
Ang mga  pangarap, maisakatuparan
Ang buong tagumpay nawa’y makakamtan

Recently, I learned to paint using instant coffee. To find out more, click the painting above. Enjoy!

12 Responses to “My Poetic & Artistic Mind”

  1. I truly admire this sketches, got your blog from causticthoughts. Like your work so much. Simple yet artistic.

  2. Thanks for the comments…

  3. I received this message thru email from one of my dear friends, Pam. Well, she edited my poem and Im happy for that! Her message:

    “Hi, Rey! I went to your website to check it out and I’m really proud at what you’ve accomplished. Just wanted to edit your poem….”

  4. hey rey, love the tagalog poem…galing! and your sketches…are great!

  5. You do travel a lot, lucky you, I wish I could do it too and see all the places you’ve seen … what’s the secret? I like the first poem, it’s nice with meaning. I know few languages but I haven’t learned Filipino language yet, the only thing I know is miss kita 🙂 so what is it about the second poem? You can include something of mine here, as long as it links back to my page 🙂 Thanks for your nice words!

    • Thanks for having time to read my poems. Of course your comments are much appreciated. The second poem is a Filipino/Tagalog version which means – “To Dream”. The first set is asking on how the poor people will able to dream, the second set is referring to affluent/rich people; the third set is for uneducated people/ignorant; then those with disabilities; and finally for the unwanted/orphanage. The final set is just a concluding thought that everyone has the right to dream – hoping for a better future/tomorrow or to achieve success or something in the future.

      I will feature your poem not in here but to: Poetry and of course it will be linked back to your site. I need to ask one or two questions and your responses will be included in the post where your poem is featured.

    • What is my secret in traveling. Well, I am lucky enough to get grants to study abroad and I take advantage of that to roam around as a student. It is easier to do it as a student especially in applying for visas. Unfortunately, Filipinos are not fortunate to travel in Europe and US or even Spain without a valid visa!

  6. And I can travel in Europe easy, but not to the rest of the world, either because of visa or because of expensive tickets 🙂

  7. The Tagalog poem Mangarap leaves a mark that tickles curiousity and directly touches my senses to be truly admirable, appreciative and thankful to what I have and at the same time consider and respect the thoughts, sentiments and views of others – truly inspiring!

    • Hi Ramil. Thanks for your kind words. Yes, you are right – we are truly blessed to have all our senses and be thankful to God for creating us and use these senses to His glory. Also, thank you for knowing you in person. All the best.

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