My Simple Life


Welcome to my Simple Life! 

I started writing my blog in the middle part of 2005 when I left for Northern Ireland to pursue my graduate studies. Prior to my departure from Manila, I have already opened an account from Friendster, but due to my workload I dont have much time to really sit down and update my account. Well, I have existing site powered by Tripod but I used it for my photos only. To date, I cant remember my account name/password to manage it, so I just left as it is as long it is still viewable on-line.

Back to friendster, I managed to create my first blog entitled My Simple Life… my way of saying, expressing and sharing my thoughts. This site is linked or promoted in all my existing websites, vice-versa. From this blog, I also created several photo albums taken during my travels.

There are interesting write-ups on this blog that focused on my relationship with the Creator, as well as journals related to my professional career and my interaction with other people and the environment.

Visit the site and hope you have the time to write your comments.

5 Responses to “My Simple Life”

  1. Hello! Mr.Ramos,
    how are you now? Can you please give your other website so that i can visit you there..just want to read your researches.. More power!!

  2. The digitalenvironmentalist page is dedicated to my research work and other academic stuff, including professional activities. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

  3. I was wondering what do you mean by a mother portal…and it turns out to be a diversified blogs in one management. Would you please share how to do it? I think should do the same with mine…
    Yet, I wonder how do you manage to live your life both in the real world and in so many blogs without running out of time and energy…

    • When I say “mother portal” is means that this site is the entry point to all my personal blogs which were created few years ago. I do alot of things because of my various interests in life, so making them organised and having each of them with their own pages, this powered site enables me to maintain it efficiently. It is also easy navigation based on my readers’ interest as well.

  4. This is not just a simple life but one of a fantastic thing in this World!
    I’ll cheer you up!

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