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If you have something worth exploring which you want to have it here, then tell me and I will do the rest.

For people who are interested to join photo competition, this is the link for the 2007 Digital Camera Photographer of the Year.

Good luck and enjoy sharing your passion in photography!

FLICKR Meet-up in Belfast (01/09/2007)

I have a Flickr account which mainly used for photo sharing. Flickr has interesting functions especially for easy uploading,tagging and grouping of images. Recently, I reactivated it and I joined some of the interesting groups created in the site. These groups collect images from members with one theme such like: flowers, landscapes, places, etc. Most of them have free membership but some require invitation to join.

Belfast group is one of my favourites because of my present location. It has more than 350 members with the same passion of taking images mostly taken in Belfast and nearby towns. It does not have a limitation for photos to be loaded everyday which some groups maintain for a maximum of 3 photos per day.

It is timely for my membership since the group planned to meet -up on Sept 1, 2007  at Custom House Square, 2pm (that was yesterday). Because of enthuasism to meet these hobbyists, I decided to attend with my digital camera on my bagpack as my passport to the meeting. Anyway, I was few minutes late but luckily they were still there standing and waiting for someone to arrive and join the group. With my big smile, I introduced myself  and handed over my personalised postcard (courtesty of After a brief introduction, we proceeded to St Anne’s Cathedral to take some shots of the church. Later on, I decided to left the group for another personal meeting. As the photos posted in the group site, I think they proceeded for a drink and chat.

Well, it was fun to meet strangers thru on-line network like Flickr especially if everyone shares the same interest in photography. I do hope that there will be another meet-up for a good cause – maybe visiting a location to explore the scenic attractions of it, or a photo exhibition or workshop in Belfast.

Courtery of Jett Loe

Courtesy of Jett LoeThe above photo was posted by Jett Loe (the tall good looking guy at the back), while below were taken from Stepbar (the smiling fellow at far right). Looking at the photo, three lovely ladies (in front) with their beautiful “close-up”  smile!

Courtesy of Stepbar

Courtesy of AlanAlan created a tag about this meeting with the link at Belfastflickrmeetup and his personal journal at Alan in Belfast.  Moreover, journals were written by Redmum in two sites, Redmumblogspot and Damienmulleywordpress.


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This is my web page by Yahoo beta. It contains interesting news links posted in the internet.  If I found something relevant or interesting write-ups I saved it in My Web and can be viewed and saved by others.

3 Responses to “ATBP.”

  1. I object!

    Jett Loe – Tall, Good looking? Gimme a break! He’s a minger! I don’t fancy him at all. He’s not good looking! Nadine Coyle is good looking. So is CZJ, but Jett? Nooooo….

    What about me? I’m tall and good looking So is Alan In Belfast. And Anne H, and RedMum, and NickyBe, and Mymsie (OK, maybe Mymsie isn’t tall, but she’s luverly !) We’re all good looking!!

    (No offence Rey! You have to learn the Northern Irish sense of humour – it is not like anywhere else and is difficult to explain to ‘outsiders’, but Jett seems to have mastered it, which isn’t bad for an outsider! Give yourself 5 years and you’ll appreciate our humour!)

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