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I am an active member of this travel site that provides updated travel guides worldwide. Being a member, every task being perform is being paid, or in other words I am being paid for any contribution to the site such as posting reviews, adding photos, hotels and attractions.

To understand further what a member can get, you can read my reviews about the site and how I benefited from it after few months of being active. These reviews are posted in both dooyoo and ciao consumer sites. These are the links:


If you are interested visit the site or just simply leave a message and I will personally send you an invitation to join this travel community. By having that, I also earn extra shares if you decided to be a member.

So far, I already uploaded some of the photos during my travels in Thailand, America, Canda, Finland, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, England, Scotland, and in my home country, the Philippines.

See you there! 



 TRIVAGO @ Flickr…partner links make easy!

Flickr ( is now becoming the talk-of-the-town after Yahoo permanently stopped its photo sharing application and it is now solely supported by the latter, effective 20th of September 2007. Flickr is considered as the award-winning photo sharing community that provides an ideal on-line platform for photo enthusiasts.
As a Trivago member, this is the right time for me to consider Flickr in managing a big collection of my photographs taken during my travels both locally and abroad.
There are two ways to improve my partner links’ pay-out: (a) open an account with Flickr, and (b) join the Trivago @ Flickr group (  How these things work? Well,  there are 5-basic steps listed below to follow which in the long term, I am indirectly taking part in promoting Trivago in a greater on-line audience.
  1. Opening a Flickr account requires a Yahoo ID ( For non-Yahoo users, registration for a Yahoo email address is simple and does not take much of your time. Have a recognisable name and a password ready and in few minutes you will get one. This is not difficult since I have more than 5 yahoo addresses that perfectly working until now.
  2. The Yahoo ID and password are the key requirements to start managing my photos with Flickr. For a normal Flickr account is free and entitles every member a maximum uploading limit capacity of 500MB per month, and unlimited for upgraded ones cost $47.99 (£24) for two years or £12 per year (16 Euros/year). I decided to have a 2-year upgrade to avail the maximum privileges that Flickr can offer. 
  3.  Uploading is manageable when photos are converted into low resolution jpeg format. The MS Photo Manager and other photo browsers have functions to compress large format images into smaller bytes which allow faster uploading. I ensure that each photo has been tagged with ‘trivago’ to distinguish it from others images. The only downside of having a lower kbytes is somehow affects the quality of the photo (pixelised) if it is viewed or printed in a larger size, but it is also beneficial for me since it will not be used commercially by other users.
  4. Adding descriptions or comments for each photo with HTML codes format is allowed. This feature allows specific links to the attractions listed in the Trivago portal. I always provide a brief description in most of my images for viewers’ benefits  to allow them appreciate the places where these images taken.
  5. Finally, search the ‘trivago’ tag in the group search engine and join the group, Trivago @ Flickr ( The photos (in unlimited numbers) can be forwarded to the group photo pool. Photos should have the proper links and follow the posting rules prescribed by Trivago. I created this group link for other Trivago members to post their images which could not be uploaded in the Trivago website due to the restrictions in the number of photos per attraction. Unlike in Flickr, there is no limit of uploading and it is beyond the 5 photos limit.
Im enjoying my Trivago membership and the rest of my Flickr’ng experience. Im having fun sharing my priceless photo collections that Trivago could not possibly accommodate. (October/04/07)

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  1. Nice Article. Keep up The Good work.
    Thanks for the information!!

  2. Hey I just did find your blog. Good Stuff! Dont have time now to read trough all the topics but I will come back later to read more.

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