The Philippines

A tourist destination in Asia! 

philippines-mapWhen I started my account with Trivago in April 2007, the database for Philippines is not working yet. It means that there is no categorisation available for members to upload photos, reviews and links about the country. I was upset to find out that Philippines is not popular in this German travel portal, considering that this site is an effective venue for promoting the country’s attractions. Anyway, I contacted the administrator of the site and I got a reply that the database will be updated very soon.     


After three months of waiting, finally the categorisation is already in place. However, for a new comer/member of the site, at first it is very difficult to navigate since the regions/towns/cities are not grouped according to political boundaries (regional grouping), instead they are grouped based on the major islands’ classification: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. It seems that the listing is quite comprehensive that every place in the country is recorded, even the smallest islands that personally I havent heard of.     
So, for a quick tour, this is what the site looks like. TRIVAGO – Philippines     
For the next few months, I will try to upload some of the popular hotels and attractions in the country. At the same time, I will encourage some of my Filipino close friends or even those who have access to my site to join Trivago. Trivago pays more for members who perform various tasks – from uploading of photos to writing of reviews.     

 If you have query about the membership, drop me a line and I will show you how to earn money from Trivago.     


Province of Romblon


Featuring Boracay Island… voted for the 2010 top travel destination in Asia by Travelers’ Choice sponsored by Tripadvisor.

 You can also visit my travel blogsite: My eTravelDiary for more exciting travel stories – from my hometown in the Philippines to the cultural and romantic cities of Florence and Paris.


 Corregidor Island is just less than an hour from Manila by ferry. This island played an important role during the WW2 which reminded us the bravery of Filipinos and Americans to end the war and free from the Japanese rule.


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  1. hi uncle its ej!!!

  2. I did several posts on my hometown, Sibuyan Island in my various blog sites. This time, I tried to capture one of the scenic attractions of Sibuyan – the Crista de Gallo, one-hour away from the mainland. Try a look and you find the place where the sun and the ocean meet every day!

  3. I just love your site, it’s filled with fresh and relevant articles and have a very nice eye catchy design! Some posts really helped me in my work, so thanks for that!! Thumbs up

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