Green Business Forum for Asia and the Pacific, ADB Philippines 22-24 Nov 2016

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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is currently hosting the  First Green Business Forum in Manila, Philippines for three days. This is in recognition that green business is a key component and mover of green growth and progress. The event allows green business practitioners and professionals to have an open dialogue and share their best ideas and experiences. (Click the image for details) #ADBGreen2016, #ADBGBF2016, #GreenBizAsia

Environmental Planning Ebook at Bookfi

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environmental-planning-for-site-development_beer_higginsEnvironmental planning forms the basis of all site development decisions and deals with the factors that must be considered before a site plan can be drawn up. The book emphasises the man/nature interface and explains how nature limits and controls what can happen on every piece of land. The text is clearly set out and will help the reader understand exactly what information is needed for a site planning proposal. A new chapter covers the topical subject of sustainable development and uses a live case study to demonstrate how GIS system are now assisting in the design and decision process as communities increasingly participate in local decisions. (Local Agenda 21) Additional line drawings are being added to illustrate key issues addressed in the text. (Source:


More books to inspire you to read…CLICK HERE!

6th STIRDC at Occidental Mindoro State University, 8-10 Nov 2016

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zz_stirdc_logoFor this year’s Southern Tagalog Islands Research and Development Consortium (STIRDC)Research and Extension Conference will be hosted by Occidental Mindoro State College on November 8-10, 2016 at Occidental Mindoro State College-Labangan Campus, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro.

The Romblon State University was the host of last year’s event. Check it out HERE.

Choose Philippines Awards 2016

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Asian Devt Bank’s Green Business Forum for Asia and the Pacific 2016, 22-24 Nov

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This is the first international forum hosted by the Asian Development Bank that will bring together business practitioners, experts, and various stakeholders to meet-up and share their knowledge and experiences in promoting “green business” solutions in the Asia-Pacific Region. It also showcases a number of “best practice” examples in the emerging green markets, and it will stimulate collaborations for green businesses and opportunities.

Grants to study in Germany 2017-18

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zzz_germanEvery year, the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) or the German Academic Exchange Service supports foreign students – one of the biggest funding institutions worldwide. Grants are offered to aspiring applicants from developing and newly-industrialized countries to study a postgraduate, Master’s degree or PhD at state-recognized German universities. The financial assistance covers the monthly payments of 750 euros for graduates or 1,000 euros for doctoral candidates, including payments towards health, accident and personal liability insurance, and travel allowance to cover the expenses from the home country to Germany.

For details, click the image above or CLICK HERE.

Scholarships for Graduate Studies Abroad

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Foreign Scholarships expose higher education faculty and staff to expertise and training in emerging disciplines that are still in the initial stages of development locally, and paves the way for l…

Source: Scholarships for Graduate Studies Abroad

Welcome to my eWorld…

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Hello to my eWorld!

Well, this is not my first created blog but whatever journals written here will complement with my existing blogs powered by other free websites. Basically, this site will serve as the mother portal of all my personal accounts for easy management – updating, uploading and sharing.

My existing sites feature my interest in photography, travel, reading and writing or something worth solo.jpgexploring. In relation to photography, I included some of the images taken during my travels or just simply interesting places that capture my eyes through my digital camera.

In terms of moving around the globe, I joined several travel sites to share my experiences and provide assistance to other travellers making their future trips memorable and enjoyable, and be able to explore stunning places around the world. I also included my interest in writing reviews with my membership to ciao and dooyoo. Finally, my other accounts from free websites.

For quick links of these pages, just click the subheadings listed or the thumbnails images below:

My World : This section simply focuses on my fascination of Mother Earth – how we could protect and conserve its natural beauty for future generations. This also covers my academic world as an engineer, planner, manager and or an ordinary human being (social and spiritual being).

Travel Blog: Provides a list of my travel journals with images

Trivago: A travel site which I am getting extra income for posting of images, reviews and other travel info

Consumer site: Highlights my membership with dooyoo and ciao where I post reviews of products and services, anything that I want to share with the rest of the consumers worldwide

Atbp: Provides a space for my personal interests and hobbies, something worth exploring

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and please come again and I am happy to receive your comments. Again, click the photo thumbnails below for direct links to the rest of my blog pages. Best REYgards!

My academic life

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Click here for my favourite books

My click for my travelblogs Click here for my online reviews Click here to earn extra cash Click here for my photography

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Philippine-Australian Alumni General Assembly and Outstanding Alumni Awards 2016

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18 June 2016. SHANGRI-LA MAKATI, PHILIPPINES. It coincides with the celebration for the official declaration of the first 70 years of friendship between the Philippines and Australia, the Philippine Australian Alumni Association, Inc. (PA3i) holds its 2016 National General Assembly and Alumni Awards Night.

Senior Trade Commissioner will deliver a keynote speech, and an inspirational talk from the Counselor (Political and Public Affairs), Australian Embassy on Philippine and Australia: Partnership on Defence, Education in Mindanao Peace and Stability. This day will also launch the new Australia Global Alumni brand. It provides a platform for you to connect, engage, and share stories with other professionals.

The Alumni Awards night on the other hand, will acknowledge some of the accomplished alumni nationwide. This prestigious awards started in 2010.
australia global alumni2.png

118th Year of Philippine Independence

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Photo: one of the islands in the country – Sibuyan Island, Province of Romblon where the majestic Mt  Guiting-Guiting is located…

Newsbits and Updates

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ONE YEAR AND ONE MONTH PAST…after finally settling back in the Philippines. Nothing to complain but so far sooooo good with my life right now. It is not a smooth-sailing life but I am happy and fulfilled! My current work provides me the luxury to travel in the country. Being part of a group of technical people working so hard to ensure our environment is well-guarded from any man-made activities is worth keeping. This is not new to me, but the challenge is to come-up with a study that will not only encourage big investments in the Philippines but also ensure that the impacted communities will benefit in the projects, particularly the indigenous people.
On the other hand, few months ago, I was diagnosed with a multi-level disc desiccation – a common problem that affects the discs located in the neck.  This health condition is not life-threatening but the way my first doctor disclosed my condition, it was a shocking revelation! My first reaction is I am going to be paralyzed – I will be hopeless and it was a 360 degrees-life changing realization! God is merciful and now I am getting better after a series of therapies and of course the moral and spiritual support from family and friends. It will take months to fully recover or maybe it will be there forever, but it is not something to fear about! At least having second and third opinions of my neck problem, it provided me a peace of mind that I will not be spending thousands of pesos to implant a titanium material between two discs, not to mention other expenses such doctor’s fees, medication and rehabilitation.
Until now, I am still in the “state of denial” – thinking that I am healthy, strong and this will not happen to me! But reflecting on it, sometimes we feel that nothing worse will come in our way and it is impossible that this problem will strike us… we are unguarded and to the point that we are feel helpless and the good things we have done are not good enough to save us! This is not the end… God is there for me and He will always remind me to take this a challenge to be a better person to others, a better brother to my siblings, a better son to my parents.