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Seminar on Earthquake Engineering and Disaster Risk Management, 22 August, Romblon State University, Philippines

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Taiwan Education Fair, 11 August, Megamall, Philippines

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8.11.19. MANDALUYONG CITY (PHILIPPINES). Some of Taiwainese universities visited Manila to encourage Filipinos to pursue higher education and graduate studies in Taiwan, offering full grants/scholarships. One of the participants, National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism (NKUHT) is offering affordable short term course in hospitality, “Summer Camp” being done every July.


Cinemalaya 2019: August 2-13, Philippines

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This year’s full-length indie films that will grace the festival next month include Kim Zuñiga and Sandro Del Rosario’s “Ani,” Joji Alonzo’s “Belle Douleur,” Maricel Cabrera-Cariaga’s “Children of the River,” Throp Nazareno’s “Edward,” Edwardo Roy Jr.’s “Fuccbois,” Theordore Boborol’s “Iska,” Arden Rod Condez’ “John Denver Trending,” Leilani Chavez and Danica Sta. Lucia’s “Malamaya,” Sheryl Rose Andres’ “Pandanggo sa Hukay,” and Xian Lim’s “Tabon.”

Manila Book Fair 2019: 11-15 September

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Secure a free entrance pass from the National Book Store now!

The essence of forgiveness and healing… a true story

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(NOTE: I want to share this inspirational story of a colleague of mine that despite his injuries after a vehicular accident, he was able to forgive and accepted that he will no longer be a hundred percent of himself. With full confidence that even if God gave him an 80 percent of a new self, he will strive to perform a hundred percent quality of that 80 percent that the Lord gave him.)

Thank you for the healing…thank you for the forgiveness…

On the 24th of March 2019 at about 8:00PM I met a vehicular accident. I was changing lanes when the motorcycle headlight I estimated was still far suddenly appeared in front at breakneck speed with horns blasting. A moment of hesitation had me caught on my side instantly snapping my left femur and also lacerating my left ring finger. The momentum was so strong that it threw me far from my motorcycle and I landed on my left shoulder blade before my head hit the pavement. I passed out and when I came to I asked for the driver who hit me afraid that he died in the collision. It must have been long before I came to as the onlookers have already brought the driver to the hospital. When my cousins who were near recognized me they at once called an ambulance that brought me to the Romblon Provincial Hospital (RPH).

At the RPH, the doctor ordered for an x-ray of my head and femur. Luckily my head suffered only minor concussion and had no crack but my femur snapped in two. It was a clean break as my cellular phone that was in my left pocket bore most of the impact. Were the phone not been there, a more serious injury might have happened. A cast was made on my left leg and rendered it immobile. The resident physician sewed up my lacerated finger but was unable to connect the tendons and muscles that were severed. At the emergency room I was relieved to learn that the driver who hit me was stable and safe; so do with his rider. I stayed overnight at the RPH. My wife was determined to bring me to Manila the following day as the orthopedic surgeon at the RPH was due on the 5th of April yet.

The following day we arranged for a trip to Manila via 2GO. Knowing that the ship was strict in taking in patients we took off the dextrose that was connected to me and made me appear well with only a cast troubling me. We nearly got rejected but the on-board nurse had us on a separate accommodation. The journey went well until we reached Batangas where I already had a slight fever. An ambulance took us from the port to Sta. Teresita General Hospital, a hospital near the Philippine Orthopaedic Hospital recommended by my cousin doctors. At the Sta Teresita I was again x-rayed to check my leg and for clearance of the other organs like the lungs that might affect my operation. Tuesday morning the doctors checked on my condition and had me cleared for an operation on Wednesday morning. Luckily the cardiologist was not around in the morning of Tuesday but arrived 11:00PM. When he checked on me he was surprised that I was cleared for an operation the following day when he heard something crackling in my chest; not from the heart but from the lungs. When they checked on my vital signs they were surprised: my oxygen saturation was only 51% and my blood pressure shot up to more than 200 over another high number. When the doctors ordered another x-ray they found that my lungs were full of fluids and the image was far from the image taken in the morning. They surmised that I regressed into ARDS; an uncommon complication but a life-threatening situation.

My cousin doctors who were with me all throughout recommended that I be sent to UST Hospital and referred me to a pulmonologist who was also an Odionganon. An ambulance whisked me to the UST Hospital. Along the way, I vomited 3 times and was almost in delirium. I was uttering incomprehensible words and telling my wife I can’t take it anymore. My wife who is a fighter boosted my spirit by telling me I would still care for our granddaughter and teach her how to swim yet. With these, she told me later, I somehow managed to fight on.

At the UST Hospital emergency room, doctors checked my vital signs and having found my oxygen saturation was very low, a respirator was attached to me. My O2 saturation improved and I felt better. We were admitted to my room Wednesday. It was supposed to be at the ICU where the plan was to put a tube in my lungs and drain the fluid but since there was no vacant room at the ICU I was placed in the Del Carmen ward – a place for critically-ill patients. I was coughing blood and phlegm for the next days but my condition was improving. By this time the edema in my left shoulder started to appear as a manifestation of the trauma I got falling from my motorcycle. By Friday my lot improved and when the ICU was made vacant with me as next in line a kind lady doctor ruled out the ICU as it would only weigh down on the finances of the family. However, my respirator was still attached to me. Over the weekend my condition further improved and when the x-ray showed my lungs have cleared, I was scheduled for my femoral operation Wednesday morning. By this time my fracture shifted a few inches even if there was traction applied to it. The shift may have caused internal bleeding necessitating blood transfusion. The doctors ordered 3 packs of A-negative blood – a rare blood type. Luckily one Red Cross branch had a pack ready in Caloocan and another one in Pangasinan. The third pack came from our student at the RSU-CET who voluntarily gave a piece of himself for his mentor.bil

Wednesday morning, at 6:30AM, I was brought to the operating room for my fracture. The operation took 9 hours. Anesthesia was applied to my armpit for the wound on my ring finger that had to be repaired; on my thigh and spinal column, for my femur. I felt numb but was awake the entire operation. I felt the tapping while the doctors drove the titanium nail through my femur. As they wheeled me to the recovery room, I heard the anesthesiologist say the operation was successful. I heaved a sigh of relief but I knew it was not over yet. I was finally brought to my room at 8:30PM. In the evening I could not sleep as student nurses kept checking on my vital signs on an hourly basis. This was on top of the regular nurses administering medicines and getting test samples of my blood. The struggle to sleep was real as every time a knock on the door was heard I was awakened. This may have weakened my resistance as I caught pneumonia five days after the operation just when we were about to be cleared for going home. The doctors again put me under the respirator and had to administer antibiotics for another 12 days. The few days extension was a blessing as my scrotum which was traumatized by the impact had by now swollen, blackened, and appeared herniated. Fungal growth appeared as lesions around it due to the diaper I wore before operations. A urologist doctor examined the area and cleared it of any serious injury but prescribed cortico-steroid for the fungus. My wife nursed it back to health and it returned to its original state. The will to go home was by now strong in me so we asked the doctors if we could go home Monday of the Holy Week. The doctors consented with the precaution that we should bring oxygen and that we had to be accompanied by a nurse who would administer medicine on board. By Monday, 22 days after I was brought to Manila, we finally sailed to Odiongan. I felt a lot better because my pneumonia was getting better. I also had a few sessions with the physical therapists and I managed a few steps before I left the hospital. We arrived home early Tuesday morning thankful to God that I made it thus far.

With the foregoing I would like to make an appeal to parents. While it is now tempting to gift our children with motorcycles brought about by very liberal installment terms, please think twice before you do so. Your child could have been in my place and may not have survived the ordeal, let alone the cost of hospitalization. Let us keep minors off the streets as they are the ones most vulnerable to accidents. If your child is of the right age and could already be bestowed a driver’s license, please make him/her fully aware of the traffic regulations and of his/her responsibility as a driver. Odiongan has a speed limit within the town proper and if properly followed, we could all advocate for safer Odiongan streets. Above all please do not let your kids drive drunk or under the influence of any substance.

A note of thanks. When God gives us trials He makes sure we could all go through it with help that He also provides. Above all He sent me a wife and daughter who were patient enough to care for me. He sent me the best physicians headed by Dr. Lanzona. My cousins Drs. Fajutagana were also there for me. He also sent me good Samaritans to aid our financial woes, my family, inlaws, relatives, co-workers and past co-workers, brods and sisses in the fraternity and sorority, classmates and friends in college and elementary, professors in college, and even extended friends of my daughter and the Governor’s family; I would have to thank you personally or in socmed. He also sent me friends who offered prayers and well wishes that He also heard. I learned from my wife that even multi-denominational groups have offered prayers and intentions in my behalf. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. On the day we were about to be discharged, a nun offered prayers for me, she started, “Lord thank you for the healing, thank you for the forgiveness..,” I broke to tears and stopped hearing the prayers after the second word realizing how such a sinful man like me could deserve so much grace from the Lord. If this was my Passion for the atonement of sins, then I gladly accept and be thankful about it.

Happy Easter everyone! I am now home and on the road to full recovery. I knew I could no longer be a hundred percent of myself but if the Lord gives me an 80 percent of a new me, then I hope and pray that I could perform a hundred percent quality of that 80 percent He gave me.

Book Review: “Dared to Survive and Recover” – an inspirational story

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“Straightforward accounts of becoming a true-believer in the power of prayers! Coupled with faith in Divine Being and optimism to overcome obstacles in life, this inspirational book brings us to a level of self-realization that living a life gives us a fulfilling state of existence with a purpose; and able to acknowledge the best qualities in us in times of adversities.”

dared.jpgHONESTLY, I don’t read much of inspirational or autobiography type of books. The last book I have read (and this was recommended by a good friend) was the funny but heart-warming story of Trevor Noah – a South African comedian who tells his personal life while growing-up during the time of Apartheid in South Africa.

Few weeks after reading this book, I found out that my former boss was having a book launch. After years of no communication, I reconnected with her via FB – inquiring about her debut book. After a few exchanges of messages, we decided to meet-up and finally got a copy of her book entitled, Dared to Survive and Recover.

Unknown to me, sometime in 2011 she suffered a fatal hemorrhagic stroke, a few months before I first met Doc Alma Madrazo after finishing my PhD program overseas when I visited her office for a job interview. I did not have any suspicion of her serious medical condition. What I only knew that time of my visit was, I saw her “alalay” in the office minding of her needs! When I successfully got the job and directly reporting to her, she started telling me of her on-going therapy and why someone has to be with her all the times.

“This book also reminds us to be courageous, be patient, be thankful and always enjoy the moment that life would bring ever day!”

Going back to her book, I bought two copies, one with a personal message written on it and the other one bears a signature of her. We had a late lunch and we chatted happily on what we have done after we parted ways when I decided to resign from the company that she manages and also the things she has done after her retirement.

The book was written in such a way that a reader can easily follow through. Doc Alma (as close friends call her), immediately recalled her ordeal of the stroke and the events after that unexpected state of survival, and eventually towards recovery. Reading her story. it seems that she directly talking to you (as reader) – as if she is engaged to tell you on how she became part of the “statistics” of people suffering from hemorrhagic stroke in the country. It is not that she wants “sympathy” from us as readers but, she wanted to reminds us that “life” is so “fragile” that any time it will end up suddenly without warning.

“...her “renewed” faith in God somehow brings her back to life  – motivated to regain her strength and able to enjoy life to the fullest…”


Every page of the book tells us her optimism in life and became a true-believer in the power of prayers! It takes courage and strong determination to survive and recover, eventually be able to appreciate the things she love to do after that fatal condition. Aside from having an excellent team of medical people and family members who love and helping towards her fast recovery,  her “renewed” faith in God somehow brings her back to life  – motivated to regain her strength and able to enjoy life to the fullest which some of pages of the book showed images that after her stroke, she managed to travel again with her husband and children – enjoying being a mother, grandma, a wife and a devoted professor to her students.

Interestingly, Doc Alma also shares some of the highlights of her professional achievement particularly prior to her stroke. Being an achiever during her younger years, she became active in sharing her knowledge and expertise towards protecting Mother Earth. With her involvement in various environmental projects both locally and abroad, she is recognized as one of the empowered women in the energy and environment sectors. Indeed, she is blessed with intellectual prowess and beauty that any lady could wish for.dared

As a final note, Doc Alma emphasized through her book that life is not always a bed of roses, but we have to balance our life with healthy lifestyle, able to manage a stressful career; and not to forget to be thankful and enjoy the moment that God is giving us every day! And most importantly, her story reminds us that the strongest force to counteract adversities is PRAYERS!

Dared to Survive and Recover is written by Dr. Alma Bella Madrazo, PhD and it is now available at CentralBooks at Php450.00. Click the image of the book to purchase online.

Welcome to my eWorld…

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Hello to my eWorld!

Well, this is not my first created blog but whatever journals written here will complement with my existing blogs powered by other free websites. Basically, this site will serve as the mother portal of all my personal accounts for easy management – updating, uploading and sharing.

My existing sites feature my interest in photography, travel, reading and writing or something worth solo.jpgexploring. In relation to photography, I included some of the images taken during my travels or just simply interesting places that capture my eyes through my digital camera.

In terms of moving around the globe, I joined several travel sites to share my experiences and provide assistance to other travellers making their future trips memorable and enjoyable, and be able to explore stunning places around the world. I also included my interest in writing reviews with my membership to ciao and dooyoo. Finally, my other accounts from free websites.

For quick links of these pages, just click the subheadings listed or the thumbnails images below:

My World : This section simply focuses on my fascination of Mother Earth – how we could protect and conserve its natural beauty for future generations. This also covers my academic world as an engineer, planner, manager and or an ordinary human being (social and spiritual being).

Travel Blog: Provides a list of my travel journals with images

Trivago: A travel site which I am getting extra income for posting of images, reviews and other travel info

Consumer site: Highlights my membership with dooyoo and ciao where I post reviews of products and services, anything that I want to share with the rest of the consumers worldwide

Atbp: Provides a space for my personal interests and hobbies, something worth exploring

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and please come again and I am happy to receive your comments. Again, click the photo thumbnails below for direct links to the rest of my blog pages. Best REYgards!

My academic life

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 Cheap accommodations aroud the world    The Bull Runner  Click here for Kablogs

 For cheap flights and travels  Click here for Pinoy Blog Listing   amazon Trivago...earn while travelling

BookFace: Dared to Survive and Recover, a strong faith to survive miraculously by Alma Bella Madrazo, PhD

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dared.jpgThe book is a personal account of Dr. Alma Bella Madrazo (my former boss/colleague) when she suffered a hemorrhagic stroke*** sometime in 2011 that brought her to a state of coma (deep unconsciousness) for more than a week.

Miraculously, she recovered and able to work again and enjoy the things she likes to do, as if she did not undergo this fatal condition. As quoted from the book cover, “…Every part of this book mentions about strong faith as the main driver of my recovery. Faith in everyone who helped in my journey to recovery and faith in God’s healing power to cure me physically and spiritually.

*** A hemorrhagic stroke is when blood from an artery begins bleeding into the brain. This happens when a weakened blood vessel bursts and bleeds into the surrounding (source: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/317111.php).

The book will be launched on the 20th July 2019 and eventually it will be available at Fully Booked High Street in BGC (Taguig City) Fully Booked in Rockwell (Makati City), and Fully Booked UP Town Center (Diliman, Quezon City).

A brief campus tour at the National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism (NKUHT), Taiwan

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7.9.2019. THIS IS A SPECIAL CAMPUS TOUR! I suppose to join the other participants of the 2019 Taiwan-Philippines University Presidents Forum in the study tour organized by the host university, the National Sun Yat-Sen University as the culminating activity for the group. Since I have a separate accommodation from other delegates, I woke-up early just to catch the van but unluckily, I missed it, maybe just few minutes I arrived late at the pick-up area at the Ambassador Hotel. Not to be disappointed, I pursued with the other plan – to meet again Dr. Charline Chen, Dean of the International Affairs Office of the National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism (NKUHT). I met her during the dinner party at the Ambassador’s Hotel and expressed her desire to tour me around the campus. Since I did not able to join the group’s planned tour, at least I have much time to prepare for this meet-up with Dr. Chen.

Using the MRT service, it was easy to reach the last station of Red line where Dr. Chen will pick me up. It was raining heavily so I took the opportunity to eat my lunch first near the station while waiting for Dr. Chen to come. Thankfully, after my meal the rain stopped and then few minutes past, Dr. Chen arrived.

She droved first inside the campus, showing me the main buildings, including the dormitories. She parked her car, and we proceeded to the ongoing Summer Camp class, where 11 young Filipino students are currently participating. The lesson on that hour of my visit was the appreciation of tea making – savoring the fragrance and taste of three kinds of tea available in Taiwan. After the lecture (with English translator), the class was brought to the table for the actual demonstration – preparation and tasting! I did the first sip of the refreshing tea! This was my first exposure in tea making! Well, Dr. Chen was happy to introduced me in the class, and greeted with my fellow Filipinos with those big smiles to greet me in our language!

We left the class and proceeded to the facilities/laboratories and amenities of the university. NKUHT is a government university and in my own observation during the visit, it has the complete facilities for tourism and hospitality programs in Asia. From pastry making to wine making, and restaurant and hotel management, the university has it for the faculty and students to interact effectively. It is not just a higher education institution, it provides a high caliber technical/vocational trainings that allow students to learn the real environment of tourism and hospitality – to prepare and equip them with the required skills and knowledge needed to have promising jobs not only in Taiwan but overseas. Dr. Chen happily discussed to me the importance of collaborations and partnerships with various agencies as one of the factors of the university’s success in providing high quality education in hospitality and tourism. It is not easy to maintain these facilities but with the support of several agencies, foreign counterparts, and the Taiwanese government, the university is one of the leading institutions in Asia to offer the best programs in hospitality and tourism.

My trip to Taiwan is an initial step for my own university able to send its students and faculty – experience and learn and to make them more competitive and skillful in the field they have chosen. In this way, it will also bring positive impact to our region, and the Philippines as a whole. There are more things to be done to make this partnership with a Taiwanese university will materialize that requires proactive mind and openness among our students and faculty. At the personal level, this experience will be used to encourage others to do the same. Sometimes, we have to spend our own personal resources or even create our own opportunities to bring us to another level of success in public service.

Thank you to the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) and Taiwan Education Center in the Philippines (TEC) for organizing the 2nd Taiwan-Philippines University Presidents’ Forum in Kaohsiung City as hosted by the National Sun Yat-Sen University . Hope to see you in the 3rd Forum 2020 in Manila, Philippines.


For the press release of Taiwan News, CLICK HERE. You can click the image above.

BrainPH…Bawat Romblomanon Aasenso Iaangat Nayong Pilipino

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2019 Taiwan-Philippines University Presidents’ Forum, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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Dinner Party at the Ambassador’s Hotel, Kaohsiung, Taiwan on 7 July 2019.


Taiwan Education Fair 2019, 10-11 August, Mandaluyong, Philippines

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taiwan education fait

Details for another year of visa-exemption for Filipinos travelling to Taiwan is extended until July 2020, CLICK HERE.  Additional information for the Taiwan Fellowship Scholarships 2020 is open until July 20, 2020.  CLICK HERE for the requirements for the said fellowship.


Siteseeing at Kaohsiung, Taiwan PART 1

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Legend Hotel Pier 2, Kaohsiung Taiwan: One of its kind accommodation

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I BOOKED THIS ACCOMMODATION THRU Agoda website. Surprisingly, I got it at a cheaper price. This is my second time to Taiwan but first time to Kaohsiung – southern tip of  Taiwan – quite opposite end of Taipei. I was in Taipei last September 2018 for a conference. Indeed, one of its kind – clean cosy accommodation with wifi connection, a beautiful lounge with all the amenities for relaxation for young and adults, free flowing coffee and tea, and with self-service laundry area!

Legend Hotel Pier 2 is ideal place for both family and solo travellers. It is affordable especially for a short stay in Kaohsiung. The hotel is just few minutes away from the train station. Well, I love to walk even with heavy luggages on both hands, I still managed to reach the hotel in my own pace of walking as I also enjoying the environment. Still need to confirm this, but someone told me that few meters away from the hotel, maybe 10 minutes walk, I have to visit the old seaport area as one of the tourist attractions nearby!

So far soo good after spending a night here…looking forward to seeing more of the city landscape and what other interesting things it can offer!

I just want to share this note posted at the bedside…very interesting reminder to guests while enjoying the company of strangers in the room!

Dorm type accommodation is based on the concept of community to share, make friends but also “compromise” to reach harmony which may in some ways sacrifice your individual habits.


Please vote…The Freedom Memorial Museum Design Competition

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(Source: https://www.thefreedommemorial.ph/) The Freedom Memorial Museum is the flagship project of the Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission mandated by Republic Act 10368 to build a memorial that shall stand as a monument to the heroism of human rights violations victims during martial rule in the Philippines from 1972 to 1986.

Upon completion, the Museum shall serve as an information portal to a moment in history where state violence and oppression spurred the growth of a widespread resistance from all corners of the nation. It shall revisit a period of tyranny that bred reformists, revolutionaries and freedom-fighters from among farmers and professionals, workers and academics, students and religious activists. It aims to build an experiential tapestry of lives, ideals, courage and determination of the victims and, in the end, the heroes of freedom.

The Museum shall house memorabilia, artifacts, educational materials, audiovisual content aimed to immortalize the triumphs and sacrifices, the blood, sweat and tears of Filipinos and allies in the struggle for freedom, democracy and human rights.

It shall be a lasting symbol of the long-fought battle against authoritarian rule that culminated in the globally-acclaimed EDSA People Power revolt in 1986.

The Museum shall rise on an area inside the University of the Philippines campus located along C.P. Garcia Ave. adjacent to the College of Fine Arts.

MIMAROPA ESWM IEC Summit 2019, 24-27 June 2019 Bayview Park Hotel, Manila

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Organized by DENR EMB MIMAROPA Region (Region 4B), the Environmental IEC Summit aims to promote the best available practices and techniques on ESWM and to provide the needed updates and information by the LGUs and stakeholders in the region towards effective and efficient implementation of their respective ESWM plans and programs.


University of Queensland (my Alma Mater)…soars high in the 2019 NTU ranking

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UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND, Brisbane, Australia…soaring high in the areas of agriculture and environment/ecology in the 2019 NTU ranking. I am proud to be an alumnus of this prestigious university.


The NTU ranking is focused on the number and impact of scientific publications authored by the University’s researchers and considers research productivity, impact and excellence. In NTU’s field rankings, UQ was first in Australia and fifth globally for agricultural sciences. For subject areas, UQ was number one in Australia in Environment/Ecology (fourth globally), Microbiology (14th globally), Social Sciences General (14th globally) and Agricultural Studies (16th globally).

UQ was ranked second in Australia in Pharmacology and Toxicology (14th globally), Plant & Animal Science (18th globally), Civil Engineering (29th globally), Biology & Biochemistry (30th globally), Chemical Engineering (42nd globally), Molecular Biology & Genetics (42nd globally) and Chemistry (72nd globally).

For more details of the ranking, CLICK HERE1, AND CLICK HERE2

My journey to become a fully-fledged Environmental Planner

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THIS IS A LONG OVERDUE REGISTRATION. It started in the early 90s to become one of the first few registered Environmental Planners in the Philippines. Unfortunately, due to workloads and consultancy commitments, I was not able to comply with the non-exam requirements set by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC). At that time, there was no examination given to be recognised as an Environmental Planner. The basis for registration were only proofs of professional experience and educational attainment in Urban and Regional Planning/Town and Country Planning.

I am a registered Civil Engineer but I did not follow the traditional path of practising my profession in the field of construction. I chose to become a planner cum manager (teacher at the same time). I was fortunate to be educated overseas and decided to return back to our beloved country to serve which is the very essence of receiving grants/scholarships; though that I worked hard for these grants – it was my own efforts, not from any organization or firms that I worked with. I do believe that pursuing higher education is one of the key factors that will improve our way of living + thinking.

The result of the recent licensure examination given last June 5-6 was only to mark my years of environmental practice and it is a self-worth accomplishment. Maybe I was really destined to take this examination considering that twice I was reminded by former senior colleagues to submit the necessary credentials in those early years of registration, and becoming an EnP was in vain!

But until 2019, it was ruled that allied courses (with planning experience) will be allowed to take for the last chance. Despite my current job in a university, I decided to have it a go! Thankfully, with stock knowledge, experience, positive attitude and having strong faith in God paved the way for me to passed the EnP licensure exam last June. Questions were difficult but easy to answer (always D if not sure of the answer…hahaha). I even questioned those questions given!

One of the other reasons of my readiness to take the board examination is that I am one of the moderators in a Facebook Group Chat dedicated for those who plan to take  the exam.  It helped a lot in my journey to become a full-fledged EnP of the country. My work as a moderator of this Group Chat provided me the opportunity to have a daily self review as I also shared to the group the knowledge I gained from years of experience. Eventually, it somehow helps others to learn in preparation for the said board examination. As I posted in the Group Chat, I reminded those who passed or failed.

For those who successfully passed, this is the opportunity to help our country, particularly our own community to be safer, healthier, and liveable place to live; and for those who did not make it, do not be dismayed, not having a PRC registration will not hinder you to help our country manage our natural resources. We can work together, big or small projects can truly bring positive impacts to our people. For the coming years, I will continue to share relevant reading materials and links to continue and sustain our life-long learning.

Having the licensure examination is not only marking my practise in environmental planning, but it is a continuing challenge to be an instrument towards improving our surroundings – how we manage our natural resources to making our communities liveable, healthier and safer to live.

My inspiration in life…

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rey gis1

Senior Executive Seminar, 5th Philippine ESRI Education Conference, 29 May 2019, Shang-rila

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The participants in this special session was by invitation. Together with one of my officemates, we were able to be invited to attend. One of the highlights of the session was the presentation from the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) – how the national agency used GIS to deliver its services and provide updated information to participating agencies nationwide in time of disasters and calamities.


5th Philippine ESRI Education GIS Conference, 28-29 May 2019, Shang-rila

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Philippines: National Museum

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Blog My Town 2019: Province of Romblon – the destination of choice

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A special episode of GMA’s Kapuso Ko: Jessica Soho on the recent discovery of bones of early human inhabitants in the Province of Romblon. It also features some historic events in the discovery of shipwrecks found in Sibuyan Sea, including some of the beautiful white sand bars of Cresta de Gallo and Bonbon Beach.

Exploring Carabao (Hambil), Romblon, Philippines Part Two

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Exploring Carabao (Hambil) in Romblon, Philippines, Part One

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Up to 70% Booksale at National-Cubao

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47th Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) General Board Meeting, Indonesia

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Sharing my artwork on Valentine’s day

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IT IS A WORTHWHILE INITIATIVE to share or give the outcome of our skills and talents to others. Lately, I decided to give-out two of my latest artwork – a coloring piece designed by a British artist/illustrator, Johanna Basford. During our faculty night on valentine’s day, I proudly introduced this artwork and by raffle draw, I handed over two to lucky winners.


Cepsiela at Poksie: Walang 4ever

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Pepsi-Vs-CokeMahigit kumulang dalawang dekada, di ko kayo nakasama muli,
Bagamat nakikita ko kayo lagi sa bawat handaa’t kasiyahan;
Piyesta at palaro sa aming nayong minamahal,
Lalu’t-lalo na lagi kayong modelo, sa karinderya ng lola’t lolo ng kaibigan ko.

*  * * * * 

Pananabik ang nararamdaman ko sa bawat sulyap ng inyong kinalalagyan
Pinagmamasdan lamang kayo, tuwa’t galak tanging regalo ninyo,
Pagka-uhaw ng bawat bibig, sakto kayong dalawa, ang katapat at hanap;
Minsan sa panaginip na lamang kayo, aki’y nilalasap-lasap!

* * * * *

Pinilit kong tanggapin, sa kabila ng hapdi na dulot ninyo,
Pikit-mata ko’y nilunok ang tamis ng bawat dighay,
Cepsiela – ang sabi nila, ikaw ay totoong-totoo (the real thing) at pang dugtong ng buhay (adds life); 
At ikaw naman Poksie – mainam sa bagong henerasyon (the choice of new generation),
Subalit sa mga nagdaang mga taon, ang panlasa’t pagnanasa ko’y nawalan ng saysay.

Bb Pilipinas – Miss Universe 2018

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I worked a lot in the slums of Tondo, Manila; and the life there is very… it’s poor, and it’s very sad. And I always taught myself to look for the beauty in it, to look for the beauty of the faces of the children; and to be grateful. And I would bring this aspect as a Miss Universe to see situations with the silver lining. And to assess where I could give something, where I could provide something as a spokesperson. And this I think if I could teach also people to be grateful we could have an amazing world where negativity could not grow and foster, and children would have a smile on their face.” Catriona Gray – Miss Universe 2018

Miss Universe 2018, Bangkok, Thailand – 17 December (local time)

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Pasig River receives the Inaugural AsiaPrize Award 2018 sponsored by International River Foundation

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Officers and staff of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission during 2018 Asia Riverprize Gala Dinner Awards Night in Sydney, Australia, 16 October 2018.  Ilog Pasig was proclaimed the winner of the inaugural Asia Riverprize award organized by the International River Foundation based in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo Credit: PRRC FB page) .  I worked with PRRC as Planning Officer and Head of the Planning Office for almost 3 years. It was my inspiration to bring Pasig River to the international scene and this was the reason why I attended and presented a paper in 2015 International River Symposium held in Brisbane, Australia. You can check the program and the paper itself: http://riversymposium.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Rey_Ramos.pdf.  After my presentation, the moderator of the program approached me and encouraged to apply for the annual competition. Well, I left PRRC on the same year but my inspiration for Ilog Pasig is carried over until now with the new leadership/administration of the agency. This burning desire to bring river systems of the country to the international scene is still here in my heart .  With the newest achievement of Ilog Pasig, it brings more flames to my desire to do the same in my home province – Romblon. Someday, one of these river systems in Tablas and Sibuyan will also be presented and admired and become our legacy in protecting our Mother Earth’s resource – water!




More actions at ETD2018 Taiwan, Taipei

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Photos: Courtesy of the National Central Library (Taiwan)


44th Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) Annual Convention, 29-31 October 2018

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SEARCA Photo Contest 2018

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ADB Water Forum 2018, 2-5 October, Philippines

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ADB Water Forum
(Source: ADB Website) The forthcoming Asia Water Forum 2018 focuses on the theme of “Information, Innovation, and Technology”. Underpinned by the need for sustainable water management, reliable water services, and water security, participants from the various sectors will expect high-level plenary sessions and parallel break-out sessions on the five major activities under the One ADB Water Approach: (i) supplying water; (ii) sanitation and water quality; (iii) water for food; (iv) water for energy; and (v) water resources management.  Specifically, topics cover the themes on inclusiveness; finance and transactions; governance and sustainability; disaster and resilience; and water–food–energy security nexus, efficiency, and performance.

39th Manila International BookFair 2018

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Pasig River gets recognition from the River International Foundation (Australia)

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FOR THE SECOND TIME AROUND, Pasig River is one of the Asia finalists for the Riverprize award.  As recently announced by the River International Foundation, Pasig River is recognized by the Foundation in terms of having significant results on-ground in the area of river restoration.

The grand winner will be announced during the 21st Riversymposium in Sydney, Australia on 14-17 October 2018.

Pasig River

(Click the photo above to be directed in the official press release of the International River Foundation (IRD). The photo was taken from the official website of IRF).

PASUC holds the 1st Philippines-Taiwan University Presidents’ Forum

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DSC08397THE PHILIPPINE ASSOCIATION of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) in cooperation with the Taiwan Education Center (TEC)-Philippines organized the very first 2018 Philippines-Taiwan University Presidents’Forum last 23-24 August at Wack-wack Golf and Country Club, Mandaluyong City.

Primarily with the theme: “Bridging higher education institutions for Asian inclusive development,” the forum aimed to stimulate discussions on topics related to global education, innovative industry-city-university entrepreneurship (ICUE) partnership, internalization and regional development, and Philippine-Taiwan higher education collaborations. Presidents and representatives from the 111-members SUCs and guests from the Ministry of Education (Taiwan) and Taipei Economic and Cultural Office attended the event.

One of the highlights of the forum was the Mayor’s Night – Dinner Fellowship hosted by the Mayor of Mandaluyong, Hon Carmelita “Menchie” Abalos.  Ex-mayor of Mandaluyong, Benhur Abalos, Jr was also invited and he spoke on how Mandaluyong city became one of the best performing LGUs in the country in terms of good governance and nutrition.

11 years with WordPress…still blogging

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anniversary-2x.png This is my simple gesture of appreciation to WordPress in providing a platform that allows me to share my passion and interest in life. I am very grateful to reach this stage of blogging and able to reach out to other people who have the same interest and motivation to enjoy life to the fullest.

Through the years, my blog powered by WordPress serves as a sanctuary for me to celebrate God’s gift of living and serves as an inspiration to others.  From my passion in books, travel, and photography, this website, My world is getting smaller every day becomes part of my existence and being that will always be instrumental to get motivated to write. Indeed, it is a struggle when too much office works and no connection at all with internet, I could not even write any thing in this blog. More than a decade of dedication and perseverance to keep this blog going and I will continue to write as long as WordPress allows us to exist in this worldwide web, free of charge! Again, from the bottom of my heart,  thank you WordPress for providing us a virtual place where we can freely express ourselves in this technology-driven world of blogging. All the best!


Suspense is missing in “The President is Missing” by Patterson & Clinton

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It is a long story because it contains situations that should not be written elaborately.

presidentJames Patterson normally writes fast-paced thriller and suspense stories, but here it seems that Bill Clinton was the main contributor of the story. There was nothing new about the plot – majority of the events were based on current situations on how the US influence other countries and its allies.

The social and political issues being tackled in the story were the same issues that we are facing right now. Everyone knows it – not a secret. Bit disappointed in the sense that I expect some extraordinary issues that are not obvious and that will bring excitement to the readers. Sadly, at some point in the story, I already guessed who was the traitor among the President’s staff.

But on the positive note, the story brings the power of women, how they play their part in the men-dominated world of politics. Finally, this is a nice presence to our President, DU30 just to remind him of the roles of women in the society – to be treated equally with men..

MIMAROPA Tourism Investment Forum, 26 July 2018, Palawan Philippines

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The forum aims to identify investment opportunities in tourism for private and public sectors in MIMAROPA region. Specifically, the gathering intends to: assess the tourism sector at the local level; identify issues and concerns (governance, products and services, investment promotions, and infrastructure support); to recommend strategies, activities and other measures to enhance tourism activity in the region; and to strengthen the partnership among private and public sectors through a declaration of common vision for MIMAROPA Tourism sector.

A Nation to Build

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Here we are, leading the way

Bridging the gaps, committed to build

With strong roads, towards better future

For our regeneration – our children’s hope!

Here we are, civil engineers’ promise

Bring the best, yes we can

With talents to share, let’s collaborate

We stand tall, our nation cheers…forever!

PASUC collaborates with UNDP on provincial roads quality assurance engineers orientation 2018

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Twenty-four SUCs presidents attended the MOU signing event on July 16, 2018, and more than 60 registered civil engineers were selected to participate in this 3-day collaborative effort between PASUC, DILG and UNDP.
This joint initiative was spearheaded by PASUC/Batangas State University President, Dr. Tirso A. Ronquillo as part of the association’s extension program that engages members in extending technical expertise to the public and private organizations in the field of civil engineering.
The training program provided attendees a better appreciation of the CMGP/Roads2SDGs Project in coming-up with a work plan for the quality assurance inspection of piloted provincial roads in selected regions of the country. Delegates from RSU were Engr. Jason F. Rufon, Engr. Raymond Jay G. Severo, and Engr. Reynaldo P. Ramos, PhD from the faculty of Civil Engineering Department, College of Engineering and Technology (CET).

Book Sale at the World Trade Center Manila, 16-25 Feb 2018, opens 24 hrs

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Click the photo for an article from a customer who visited the book sale. The author mentioned basic tips to enjoy and feel comfortable in buying/sorting favorite books at the World Trade Center. Again, it opens 24 hours so nothing to worry about traffic and parking space in the area. As the author’s advice, maybe you can bring a “maleta” or a big travelling bag to put your purchased books. Check it out!

Book Faces 2018: More interesting reads

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NEWLY ACQUIRED BOOKS! Books by my favourite writers… inspiring me to appreciate life, friendship,and nature. Sharing them to you might also ignite your interest in reading and writing your stories as well. For more book collection, visit this link: https://bookaklatlibro.blogspot.com/

Short visit toVietnam 2017 Part 1

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MiMaRoPa (Mindoro-Marinduque-Romblon-Palawan)…The destination of Choice

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Pasig River: Finalist – 2017 Thiess International Riverprize Award

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PASIG RIVER IN THE PHILIPPINES is among the top finalists in the 2017 Thiess International Riverprize Award. Spearheaded by the International River Foundation, this prestigious award is given annually during the International River Symposium in Brisbane, Australia. The award is the world’s foremost award in river basin management which recognises and rewards organisations making waves in the sustainable management of the world’s rivers, whether at the grassroots or transboundary level. In addition, the award acknowledges inspiring initiatives that demonstrate Integrated River Basin Management to restore and protect rivers, wetlands, lakes and estuaries.

(The succeeding texts were extracted from the website of the International River Foundation). The Pasig River in the Philippines connects Laguna de Bay to Manila Bay, bisecting the capital city of Manila. The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC), established in 1999, is constantly conducting clean ups along the Pasig River system. In 2016 alone, PRRC collected 4,793,262.8 kilograms of solid waste from different locations along the river system. To date, PRRC has resettled 17,561 informal settler families living along the river system into decent socialized housing units in several relocation sites. Environmental Preservation Areas (EPAs) within the 10 and three meter wide public easement spaces along the banks of the river system are established. These currently developed EPAs serve as buffer zones between the river system and its adjoining areas. Dredging and desilting works are conducted to gather contaminated sediments and to maintain the navigability for ships and other watercraft. Bank riprapping and slope protection to prevent scouring and soil erosion are also implemented. The PRRC monitors water and sediment quality gathering data to assess the impact of various rehabilitation efforts and initiatives. The PRRC also identifies and conducts pilot studies and interventions that aim to improve the water quality of the Pasig River system. Most importantly, PRRC was able to recover, rehabilitate and develop 15 out of the 47 identified tributaries as of 2016. In 2017, PRRC is gearing to inaugurate at least three more project sites.