With Herbalife at 50!

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herbalife I decided to embrace Herbalife… now at the age of 50! I do believe that health is wealth. With the lifestyle nowadays, we have to change our attitudes towards our food intake, our job and the way we handle stresses from our surroundings. It is not easy, but with a strong determination and focus on what to achieve, it is possible to attain or gain something worthwhile.

It can be done thru Herbalife. I took it not as a business endeavor, but what it is important to me is how the products will support my lifestyle – a healthy living. Becoming healthy is not only on how much and the kind of food you take, but rather taking extra effort to do regular exercise – activities that will really squeeze you to sweat within 25 minutes! So why not try Herbalife? You may improve the way you embrace ageing or becoming old. Do not wait tomorrow, embrace Herbalife now! For additional information about it, click the  image…and find out by yourself the essence of living with style!


RSU President gets another 4-year term

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Dr. Arnulfo de Luna got another term as the President of the Romblon State University. President de Luna assumed office in April 2012 as the second president of the school after it was converted from college (Romblon State College) into a “university” which is now the Romblon State University.

The institution was established in 1915 as a primary school -Odiongan Farm School. Then in 1929, it became  a high school –  Odiongan Rural High School. By 1965, it was converted into a college – Romblon National Agricultural College, then renamed as Romblon Agricultural College by the virtue of the GAA of 1969. By 1983, it was named as the Romblon State College (RSC)  by passing Parliamentary Bill 131,  signed into law by President Ferdinand Marcos, and later became  Batas Pambansa Blg 393.  Finally, on 14 October 2009, RSC was converted into Romblon State University thru the enactment of Republic Act 9721 by the former President Gloria Arroyo.

We will not falter in bringing progress and sustainable development in all areas of human activities, and we will try our best to excel, the hallmarks of our endeavors – Arnulfo F De Luna, PhD

Today, RSU continues to uphold its mandate in providing higher education in the MIMAROPA Reion which ultimately brings progress and sustains economic development in the Province of Romblon through  active, focused and dedicated leadership towards human resource capacity building and exemplary performance.

Researches at ICMR 2016 in Baguio City -part 2

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Delegates from various state universities and colleges (SUCs) presented their researches covering a wide range of topics such as solid waste management, shoe polish cream development from virgin coco oil, Indian mango candies production, electronic wheelchair development, printing press system development, and mangrove assessment, etc.

ICMR2016 holds in Baguio City (Philippines)

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The 1st International Congress in Multidisciplinary Researches 2016 is currently on-going (23-25 April) at the Crown Legacy Hotel in Baguio City, Philippines. Dr. Alipio Garcia of the University of the Philippines (Baguio) was one of the speakers during the plenary session of the event. Dr. Garcia is a multi-awarded Filipino physicist and he encouraged the participants to conduct researches thru collaboration or partnership, beyond geographic locations and academic background.

I am one of the presenters on the second day of the conference and my paper is entitled: Theory and practices of mixed-use schemes (MUS) towards sustainable built environment: an international development perspective. Ten case studies were covered of my study which include: 7 projects in Northern Ireland, 2 in Dublin, Ireland, and 1 project in London. This paper is one of the outputs of my PhD research at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, UK.

For the complete copy of the paper, please click: Mixed Use Schemes_RAMOS_RSU

PQA Orientation at RSU summer conference 2016

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Being tasked during the summer conference of the university, I presented the PQA’s Categories 4 to 7 which include:  Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management, Human Resource Focus, Operations Focus and Results. PQA is the highest Philippine government award for quality performance excellence, not only for private entities but also public institutions, including state colleges and universities (SUCs) in the country.

ICMR Conference 2016, Baguio City

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Theory and practices of mixed-use schemes (MUS) towards sustainable built environment: an international development perspective

The emergence of mixed-use scheme (MUS) or mixed-use development is linked to the transitional changes in towns and cities. It has been observed that mixing of different land uses came-out in the early development of settlements across small villages to large cities, way back in the prehistoric to present times. Specifically, mixed-use developments are part of the historical development of land uses ranging from small-scale diverse mixes uses to mono-functional planned areas.

It is evident in the literature that MUS has gained significant attention from planners, policy makers, environmentalists, academicians, investors, appraisers, and developers. This has also resulted in the emerging awareness of sustainable built environment, including the need for live-work-play facilities and amenities which MUS plays an important role.

This study provides an extensive review of the theoretical and conceptual aspects of MUS as a component of urban development strategy as well as to analyze the current practices and approaches in delivering such schemes in an urban fabric around the world. Then, the study focuses on the various activities and players in the development process within the real estate market perspective. Finally, it also examines the distinctive characteristics or salient elements within MUS definition through case studies of selected urban regeneration projects in the UK and Ireland, its relevance and applications in the context of international real estate development practices in creating functional and sustainable communities. With the results of validation and the findings from the literature, MUS is a physical development of a structure or group of structures having two or more integrated functional uses creating diverse of activities.

Key Words: development process, built environment, mixed-use schemes, sustainable communities, urban regeneration

Bamboo Eiffel Tower stands up high in Tablas (Romblon)

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A newest attraction in Looc, Tablas Island, Province of Romblon. This replica of Eiffel Tower in Paris is made of bamboo and wood. It took 4.5 months to assemble and install the structure in a family resort, Bantigue. The resort has other amenities such as swimming pool, KTV bar for guests to enjoy with a minimum entrance fee of Php50.00. Drinks cost from Php50-60 while regular meal per serving costs Php110.00.