Boracay Sun features Sibuyan Island, Romblon

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A travel journal about my hometown is published in Boracay Sun both online and hard copies. Boracay Sun is a free local newspaper circulated in Boracay area and nearby islands. (The photo graphic is courtesy of Gie Roa from Cajidiocan, Sibuyan) Click the graphic photo to read the full article. Or click HERE

Binucot Beach (Province of Romblon)…a beautiful place for people with beautiful heart

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Romblon State U hosts 5th STIRDC Conference

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THERE WERE six government universities and colleges in Region 4B joined the conference, with 54 technical papers accepted, 43 papers presented, including 23 posters viewed. and with one host – Romblon State University – Main Campus in Odiongan, Province of Romblon.

One of the invited guests from a regional agency inspired the participants by sharing her thoughts on the significance of doing researches. She gave it thru the acronym – RESEARCH! R=esponsibility, E=xcellence, S=cholarly, E=nhancement, A=cceptability, R=einvent, C=areer, and H=eart. But one of the moderators suggested that letters E and R could be added in the word and become RESEARCHER, because the last two letters stand for E=xtension (collaboration with various stakeholders), and R=ecognition or rewards (motivation to do and share).


VISION: A vibrant consortium which serves as prime mover agro-industrial development in the MIMAROPA (Mindoro-Marinduque-Romblon-Palawan) Region. MISSION: To integrate efforts and to address the S&T development and management needs of stakeholders in the MIMAROPA Region.

…this is not so much from the perspective of macro-planners and legislators but from the point of view of sector stakeholders, technical people and the implementors. – Dr. Arnulfo F. De Luna, RSU President

…a significant help to MIMAROPA’s researchers/scientists, including young emerging researchers, as a regular means of disseminating recent RDE information among its members agencies and institutions. – Dr. Elsa P Manarpaac, Chair/WPU-President


IDP Study Abroad Expo 2015

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Sunsuper Riverfire – Brisbane Festival 2015

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The Sunsuper Riverfire is Brisbane’s night of nights. This is to to celebrate the final night of three weeks of the Brisbane Festival. It ignites Brisbane’s skyline with a pyrotechnic fireworks display accompanied by a classic soundtrack.


18th International River Symposium in Brisbane (Australia), 21-24 Sep 2015

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One of the keynote speakers of the River Symposium, Brisbane, Australia from Florida, USA who happens to be a writer/journalist presented her latest book, RAIN (A Natural and Cultural History) during the event...something to read during my 14-hr connecting stop in Sydney on Tuesday!

Cynthia Barnett was one of the keynote speakers of the River Symposium, Brisbane, Australia from Florida, USA who happens to be a writer/journalist presented her latest book, RAIN (A Natural and Cultural History) during the event…something to read during my 14-hr connecting stop in Sydney on Tuesday!

Welcome to my eWorld…

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Hello to my eWorld!

Well, this is not my first created blog but whatever journals written here will complement with my existing blogs powered by other free websites. Basically, this site will serve as the mother portal of all my personal accounts for easy management – updating, uploading and sharing.

My existing sites feature my interest in photography, travel, reading and writing or something worth solo.jpgexploring. In relation to photography, I included some of the images taken during my travels or just simply interesting places that capture my eyes through my digital camera.

In terms of moving around the globe, I joined several travel sites to share my experiences and provide assistance to other travellers making their future trips memorable and enjoyable, and be able to explore stunning places around the world. I also included my interest in writing reviews with my membership to ciao and dooyoo. Finally, my other accounts from free websites.

For quick links of these pages, just click the subheadings listed or the thumbnails images below:

My World : This section simply focuses on my fascination of Mother Earth – how we could protect and conserve its natural beauty for future generations. This also covers my academic world as an engineer, planner, manager and or an ordinary human being (social and spiritual being).

Travel Blog: Provides a list of my travel journals with images

Trivago: A travel site which I am getting extra income for posting of images, reviews and other travel info

Consumer site: Highlights my membership with dooyoo and ciao where I post reviews of products and services, anything that I want to share with the rest of the consumers worldwide

Atbp: Provides a space for my personal interests and hobbies, something worth exploring

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and please come again and I am happy to receive your comments. Again, click the photo thumbnails below for direct links to the rest of my blog pages. Best REYgards!

My academic life

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