IDP Study Abroad Expo 2015

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Sunsuper Riverfire – Brisbane Festival 2015

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The Sunsuper Riverfire is Brisbane’s night of nights. This is to to celebrate the final night of three weeks of the Brisbane Festival. It ignites Brisbane’s skyline with a pyrotechnic fireworks display accompanied by a classic soundtrack.


18th International River Symposium in Brisbane (Australia), 21-24 Sep 2015

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One of the keynote speakers of the River Symposium, Brisbane, Australia from Florida, USA who happens to be a writer/journalist presented her latest book, RAIN (A Natural and Cultural History) during the event...something to read during my 14-hr connecting stop in Sydney on Tuesday!

Cynthia Barnett was one of the keynote speakers of the River Symposium, Brisbane, Australia from Florida, USA who happens to be a writer/journalist presented her latest book, RAIN (A Natural and Cultural History) during the event…something to read during my 14-hr connecting stop in Sydney on Tuesday!

Welcome to my eWorld…

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Hello to my eWorld!

Well, this is not my first created blog but whatever journals written here will complement with my existing blogs powered by other free websites. Basically, this site will serve as the mother portal of all my personal accounts for easy management – updating, uploading and sharing.

My existing sites feature my interest in photography, travel, reading and writing or something worth solo.jpgexploring. In relation to photography, I included some of the images taken during my travels or just simply interesting places that capture my eyes through my digital camera.

In terms of moving around the globe, I joined several travel sites to share my experiences and provide assistance to other travellers making their future trips memorable and enjoyable, and be able to explore stunning places around the world. I also included my interest in writing reviews with my membership to ciao and dooyoo. Finally, my other accounts from free websites.

For quick links of these pages, just click the subheadings listed or the thumbnails images below:

My World : This section simply focuses on my fascination of Mother Earth – how we could protect and conserve its natural beauty for future generations. This also covers my academic world as an engineer, planner, manager and or an ordinary human being (social and spiritual being).

Travel Blog: Provides a list of my travel journals with images

Trivago: A travel site which I am getting extra income for posting of images, reviews and other travel info

Consumer site: Highlights my membership with dooyoo and ciao where I post reviews of products and services, anything that I want to share with the rest of the consumers worldwide

Atbp: Provides a space for my personal interests and hobbies, something worth exploring

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and please come again and I am happy to receive your comments. Again, click the photo thumbnails below for direct links to the rest of my blog pages. Best REYgards!

My academic life

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Click here for my favourite books

My click for my travelblogs Click here for my online reviews Click here to earn extra cash Click here for my photography

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Romblon State Uni holds Sanrokan Conference 2015

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sanrokanAs part of its centennial celebration, RSU conducted a 3-day environmental studies and climate change conference held at the foot of the majestic Mt Guiting-guiting of Sibuyan Island.

I was fortunate to join for the said event as a paper presenter and had a quick visit to my hometown of San Fernando. It was a short notice but as usual I prepared my presentation under pressure. My paper entitled “Rehabilitation of the Pasig River: Creating Resilient Communities” focused on the rehabilitation and development efforts of the national government thru the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRR) to revive the river system and to bring significant improvement in the water quality and wellbeing of the riverside communities. It also highlights the major strategies and approached employed by the Commission particularly address the following concerns: easement recovery, estero management, flood control, ferry service, water quality and public awareness/advocacy.

There were interesting topics presented during the conference.  For instance, studies focused on the effect of the illumination (light) in the gut characteristics of seahorses in sea cages;  growth, survival and ingestion rate of juvenile seahorses in varied light intensities;  characterization of different cassava in the Province of Romblon for climate change adaptation; identification of crab species located in Sibuyan Island; and many others.  Aside from the researchers of the RSU, other presenters came from other state universities from Sorsogon and Mindoro.

A Filipino national scientist 2008 was the key speaker of the said conference. Her name is Dr Lourdes Cruz from the University of the Philippines-Diliman Campus. Dr Cruz has made significant contributions to biochemical and molecular structures and properties of many types of conotoxins from Philippine marine snails.

The 2015 SANROKAN CONFERENCE featured four symposia held in different venues in Romblon with the following topics and dates:

  • Environment and Climate Change (Magdiwang, Sibuyan Island, May 1-3, 2015)
  • Culture and History (Romblon Island, May 5-7, 2015)
  • Archaeology and Museum Studies (Banton Island, May 9-11, 2015)
  • Language and Education (Odiongan, Tablas Island, May 13-15, 2015)

For documentation details and conference materials, you can contact the organizer at; or visit RSU official website at

Balik Probinsya (Going back to my home province, Romblon)

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RSU logo

THIS IS MY NEW HOME… for the next 15 years! Joining this state university at the middle of 2015 was a big decision I made as a 360 turn-around of my professional career. After 38 years of residency in Metro Manila, I finally decided to go back to my own province, Romblon which is located at the heart of the Philippines, where the marble thrives and the majestic Mt Guitiing-Guiing stands tall! This is a rare opportunity to bring back the skills, knowledge and experience I gained from both locally and abroad to my very own province. This is where I could inspire more young minds that they will also be the future movers of change and regional development – for a better resilient Philippines.

ASAP 1001 (Amazing Stories About Pinoy): Grand Winner of Asia’s Got Talent 2015

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