ASAP 1003 (Amazing Stories About Pinoy)

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This teenage boy now 15 years old, Darren Espanto’s popularity in the social media is raving nowadays. It is obvious that he has the star personality, the confidence, and the big voice to win the hearts of a lot of people around the world! Even he was not successful to grab the grand prize of the Philippines’ The Voice Kids Season 1 in 2014, with all the opportunities coming his way, it seems that he is the grand winner of the competition. Indeed, with all these wonderful things happening in his singing career, he remains down-to-earth talented kid and he is the one to be watched in the music industry today. Before joining the Voice Kids, he was one of the top 6 contestants in Canada’s The Next Star Season 5 at the age of 11 (as the youngest contender). His effortless smile is contagious…Kudos Darren!

ASAP 1002 (Amazing Stories About Pinoy)

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… and the real winner of Miss Universe 2015 is Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach.  Pia did well to represent the country in this worldwide search for the most beautiful and talented lady in the universe. Despite the controversy during the final segment of the pageant, Pia made her own moment to accept the crown.

On the final question and answer portion of the program, Pia answered this question: Why should you be the next Miss Universe?” She quickly answered with confidence: “I want to show the world – the universe rather – that I am confidently beautiful with a heart.”

Presidential Leadership Conference for SUCs in the Philippines

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MORE THAN 200 participants from the 113 State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) in the Philippines currently attending a 3-day conference and consultation program organized by the Commission for Higher Education(CHED) and the Development Academy of the Philippines(DAP) at Marco Polo Hotel, Pasig City.

This Presidential Leadership Conference and Consultation with a theme: “Taking on the growing challenges in Philippine Higher Education“,  aimed to discuss current realities in leading and managing public higher education institutions; to deepen understanding on the key roles of SUCs executives; to discuss the proposed elements and mechanics of the Higher Education Career System (HECS); and to share best practices on various aspects managing government institutions. In addition, the event is within the Presidential Leadership Program (PLP)as a professional development program to train the best leaders in public higher education.

On the final day of the conference – consultative break-up group sessions for VPs and representatives from the various SUCs.

Palawan Underground River: the world heritage site

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IT WAS NOT AN ORDINARY VISIT! My visit to Palawan was part of my involvement in a regional sports event in Southern Tagalog participated by 12 State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) in the Philippines. After my event (badminton), as a birthday gift from a colleague, she invited me to join her and another lady friend in discovering the Underground River – one of the world’s heritage sites.

IT WAS NOT AN ORDINARY DAY! Four days earlier prior to the visit, continuous pouring of rains with strong wind in Palawan and other part of the region due to typhoon Nona. It means that all tours and visits to the underground river were cancelled. But on the fifth day, the local government allowed tourists to visit the site by “land”, not by boat due to big waves. By land, we have to walk for four hours (going and coming back) along the long trails inside a natural park to reach the underground river.  It was not easy to walk or hike along the slippery narrow trails but it was a refreshing to be with nature. With the help of a tour guide which was provided to us upon registration, we managed to reach the destination without any physical problems. But it was tiring and we were wet – mixed of sweat and rain!

Entering the cave brought a different feeling – exploring the unknown territory with one big flashlight guiding us in the darkness. It was a mix of emotions! With the sense of humor of our “boat man”, he amusingly explained and described all the major rock formations inside the cave. He really made our visit something to be remembered and inspired others to do the same – share the beauty of this rare natural formation in the country. No doubt, being one of the world’s wonders, the underground river brings recognition to the Philippines and put the country on the map for the world best’s tourist destination.

Lanterns from local waste materials

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lantern1WE FILIPINOS celebrate Christmas with a big bang as early as the month of October. Indeed, our celebration is known around the globe as the longest holiday of the year. As we could see now, every side street or “barangay” road strip, and light post are decorated with colorful lights and lanterns. Our favorite radio stations are also regularly playing Christmas carols and we often join humming the songs with glee.
Aside from the traditional Christmas tree, the lantern or ‘star’ is an iconic and meaningful decorative object in every Filipino home. The lantern reminds the Christian community of the ‘big star’ that guided the three noble kings to pay homage to the newly-born child, Jesus. So, to commemorate this special occasion, we always find innovative ways especially the kids to decorate our windows, doors, and living areas using these different lanterns and decors.

sual2012_b 036As part of their school projects, aside from the traditional Japanese papers, school children are encouraged by their teachers to look for local and waste materials such as rice husks, used plastic bags, candy wrappers, fruit peelings, dried seeds, tin/bottle caps, sea shells, plastic straws, ribbons, floppy discs, old newspapers, and rice sack nets to adorn the skeletal frame of the lantern.

sual2012_b 021In so doing, these school children become resourceful and creative; consequently increase their level of awareness and understanding in the value of recycling and reuse at the early age. At the end, this simple school project can make a difference in avoiding these waste materials being thrown away or without use at all, and becoming an environmental problem.

Several research studies conducted in the past focused on how these local waste materials particularly wastes from the agricultural processes to be utilized for alternative construction materials, either as lightweight and coarse aggregates. Unfortunately, this developmental research is not given much priority – as pushing further our scientists and engineers in the universities, colleges, and national institutions to collaborate in developing innovative ways for managing agricultural wastes. In this way, it can help promote and commercialize these alternative materials without jeopardizing the quality of the structures but rather enhance its strengths, durability, and physical features at a lower construction cost.

AS WE CELEBRATE XMAS, these colorful lanterns will always bring peace, hope, and love to Filipino families amidst the struggles in every natural calamity that strikes the country yearly.

Boracay Sun features Sibuyan Island, Romblon

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sibuyan logo

A travel journal about my hometown is published in Boracay Sun both online and hard copies. Boracay Sun is a free local newspaper circulated in Boracay area and nearby islands. (The photo graphic is courtesy of Gie Roa from Cajidiocan, Sibuyan) Click the graphic photo to read the full article. Or click HERE

Binucot Beach (Province of Romblon)…a beautiful place for people with beautiful heart

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